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Too Much Water???

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  • Too Much Water???

    I was informed by a doctor to drink water through out the day. I think I have been going overboard. I drink the correct water but I think I may be drinking too much at one time.

    I am drinking 60 to 80 ozs a day. However, I drink 16 to 20 ozs at one time.

    What works best for you? Thanks for your response.

    Praying for the cure

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    I find drinking small amounts frequently works best for me. I drink six to eight cups a day, which should be enough. Drinking too much at one time is a problem for me.

    Stay safe

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      I find its best to spread it out through the day. My formula is 2 large-ish sips every half hour.

      Keep that urine nice and dilute (pale in color)so the bladder, etc doesn't become irritated - just don't "flood" your body with too much at once.


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        A person can drink too much water, theoretically, but you need to drink about 4 gallons before it gets dangerous.

        For IC, you definitely can get uncomfortable if you drink too much at one time and don't void right away. Most of us experience that.

        One trick I use (that may or may not work for you) is that I drink a full glass of water about an hour before I go to bed. That seems to work for me because then I void right before I actually get in bed, and maybe only have to get up once after that. All I can think of is that it dilutes the urine enough so that it doesn't irritate as much.
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