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  • Gluten Free?

    I recently learned that I have delayed allergic reactions to gluten, egg whites, some dairy products, and some other miscellaneous foods. I recently started a gluten-dairy-egg-free diet and have been advised by my doctor to do so for 2 months, and then test each food one at a time to see what happens. I'm curious if anyone else had luck with their IC symptoms by eliminating any or all of these foods. I've only been on the diet a few days but feel less tired than I usually do.

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    Hi there,

    I recently discovered (6/3) that I'm allergic to dairy. I'm attempting to put together a dining plan--I didn't realize dairy products are in MANY things. I'll keep you posted on my progress, and keep us posted on yours!
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      Have either of you worked with a dietitian to help with your meal planning? It is often a great idea when you have multiple food sensitivities. Check out to find someone in your area. :-)
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        In addition to following the IC diet, I also don't eat gluten or cow's milk.

        I always kinda knew that I was lactose-intolerant, but I would still have it. Finally, I gave up cow's milk products two years ago and noticed a difference in how I felt within a week.

        Last fall, I went gluten-free as well. That change made a huge difference for me. I always used to feel bloated after eating, had other IBS symptoms and, consequently, lots of flares. Now I just feel full with no pain. I miss having bread still, but not having all of the pain/flares is totally worth it! I also noticed that my complexion got better and I have more energy in general.

        I actually have a recipe blog (see link in my signature below) that might have some helpful ideas on what to eat. I do eat eggs though, so unfortunately, you would have to adjust any of the baking recipes.

        Good luck in transitioning into your new diet!
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