I postedd this under another topic and got no reply so am posting here although I know it is not the proper place. This thread seems to get a lot of activity.

I received the ICN email regarding this GABA-IC compound. It seems this is a new approach to IC. A compound of 4 FDA approved ingredients refered to as "Off Label". The drugs were not listed.
Since the ingredients are all FDA approved as I understand it, a doctor can write you the RX at I assume a cost lesser than Elmiron.
If I remember correctly it is 7 instillations for a 2 week period. I might be off on this but it is done as an instill either at home or in office.
Results were positive in the studies and some were in remission for a time (Oh the thought of that!!).
Just curious if this is something valid. I have called my doctors but have not heard back.
Searching for a cure for a better life...can you say amen to that?