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Cereal flare?

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  • Cereal flare?

    So I am really missing sweets. Hubby (out of the kindness of his heart...right) pulled out the last of the chocolate ice cream last night so it wouldn't bother me anymore. I went looking for something sweet to kill the craving and found cereal in the cupboard. Most of our cereals are pretty "good for you" types. I grabbed the frosted mini wheats. Read the ingredient list and thought I was good to go. I had a bowl and less than an hour later was miserable! I went back to the bag and read again. The ingredients were still fine, but I went to the nutritional info. The potassium was 180 mg. Could this have done it? I had a different cereal a few days earlier that was 60 mg with no trouble. This cereal also had folic this a problem for us? Still feeling pretty lousy. Hoping to feel better soon so I can keep the kids under control for Father's Day. Thanks All!

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    Hi Stacy. So sorry to hear about your discomfort. I while back someone suggested that I try Nature's Path Honey'd Corn Flakes. I had a bowl this morning....yum.

    I purchase mine from

    Hope this helps!


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      Potassium is an essential ingredient; a deficiency can be very serious. Are you on a low sugar diet? I can tolerate frosted mini-wheats with no problem, but that doesn't mean it won't bother someone else.

      I doubt it was the potassium causing the flare. I hope you feel better today.

      Stay safe

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        Things like this often preservatives in them to keep them fresh longer. The preservative both me.

        I have eatten the odd bit of a Natures Path cereal, with out problems.

        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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          I will have to look closer at the label. I did have a HUGE baked potato at dinner too. Not sure if it was too much potassium for one evening or something else. Then I wondered about the folic acid. Guess it could be just about anything on there.


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            My uro said no potatoes, although I know they are on the allowed part of the diet, but he said there was evedince that they can be problematic to ICer's, this was a year ago.

            So because he was such a big pusher of the diet, I don't eat very much if any potatoe, but I do like sweet potatoe.

            My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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              Either of those could be a problem, so could wheat flour, corn or brown rice... all problems for me, but many others say they can tolerate it. I cannot eat a singe cereal! It's cottage cheese and pears for me every morning, and an occasional bagel on sunday's with either cream cheese egg white and cheese. boring but safe.


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                I everyone. I actually take a potassium supplement because I tend to go low. People do not need to worry about potassium in their food.

                I would be inclined to think it was something other than the food. For example, stress, certain physical activities, and sex can cause flares and people often blame these flares on food---eliminating foods unnecessarily.

                Cereals to watch out for include those that have 100% of the RDA of vitamins. These cereals, like Total or Smart Start, are the equivalent of a multivitamin.

                People can also put themselves in a flare eating more than one serving of a cereal. If they are eating a cup and a half, and the serving is 3/4 cup, they are getting twice the vitamins. Measure measure measure to be sure!
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                  Yes, it's hard to tell sometimes. I try to eat products that don't have any additives in them. I know it's frustrating though. I feel bad for you. You'll have to find some good dependable treats that won't hurt you later. Have you tried the natural ice creams with no additives or preservatives? They are the more expensive ice creams. I buy the super small ones for $1.00 Ben and Jerry's vanilla or the dulce de leche. I have to be careful of my weight. I eat dates, and they tend to be very sweet. I hope you can find some other treats you can have. We all get that sugar craving sometimes.


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                    For me, the preservatives, BHA and BHT, are what bother me when it comes to cereal. The only ones I can eat, that are free of these 2, are Honey Nut Cheerios and Post Golden Crisp. There may be others but these 2 are enough to keep me happy for now! And like the PP said, I try not to overeat these because I'm worried about the vitamins causing a flare.


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                      Stacie-You might be affected by foods high in oxaltes. I have VV along with IC, and whenever I eat something high in oxalates, it causes the itching, along with horrible bladder burning and frequency. it's lower than my IC pain (feels like the base of my bladder), but it's really painful.

                      The reason I'm thinking it might be the oxalates is b/c both whole wheat and potatoes are very high in oxalates. I've had trouble with both.

                      Also, I seem to have a problem with folic acid. My husband and i started trying to concieve in Feb (I didn't get pregnant) but I started taking folic acid before. I had the worst flare I can remember, and we had to stop trying for 3 months. It seemed like the high level of dialy folic acid bothered me, but i can eat things like pasta and rice with added folic acid, i think the levels are lower. I've seen others post that they've had trouble with folic acid, but I've also seen posts from others that aren't bothered by it. it seems to depend on the person.

                      hope this helps. let me know if you need more information on the low-oxalate diet. might be worth a try.
                      I just started a IC diet/low-oxalate diet blog!