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  • Blender

    I have a new Vitamix blender.

    I am having a 'pitty party' after looking at the cookbok that came with it. All the fresh fruits that I can't indulge in make the wonderful smoothies.

    Do any of you have some recipes you could share for using a blender?

    It will make hot soups but as hot as it is here that isn't a temptation however,the ice creams sound good.


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    I might add I have made a blueberry, banana smoothie. I need to work on that recipe though.


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      This is a simple thing, but nice in hot weather - I like to blend my pear or blueberry juice with lots of crushed ice to make a slushie.

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        I own a Vitamix and use it everyday to make a frozen dish. I add a couple of canned pears, a carrots, a cluster of kale, frozen blueberries, a small gala apple, ice cubes, honey, and cinnamon. Then I blend it on high till it looks like ice cream. I put half of it in a container to freeze, and eat the other half. Sometimes I sprinkle in some carob chips to pretend that I am eating chocolate chip ice cream. I have learned to like it (no choice) since chocolate fudge ice cream is out for me now. With the Vitamix it blends up all the kale and I never know that I am eating vegetables with my fruit.

        In the winter time when it is too cold for frozen treats, I will add water instead of ice cubes and have a warm drink. The Vitamix will make it as thick or as thin as you want it. The Vitamix is very expensive, but will do things that other machines will not do so for me it has been worth it.

        If any of those ingredients bother you, you can find anything that you can eat and try that. I just started adding things and landed on this.

        I react very badly to most things so my diet is very limited. I would like to try different greens someday, but for now I am sticking with kale.

        Just try the ingredients that you can eat and have fun playing with you new Vitamix machine.


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          i just make vanilla shakes... im pretty diet sensitive... ive been wanting to create something with vanilla or blueberry yogurt, as i can tolerate a little of those. its watermelon season so ive been thinking about a smoothie with vanilla yogurt, watermelon, and maybe a fuji apple.
          i know you dont want to even think about soup right now, but... when you do... boil 4 cups of chicken broth (swanson chicken stock is the only one i can tolerate, has no yeast extract), add 1/2 chopped yellow onion and a couple of chuncked small zucchinis, and boil till the veggies are soft. pour that into the blender with 4 oz cream cheese. blend. makes a wonderful creamy filling soup!

          im bummed, just yesterday my blender cracked. i thought that was almost impossible! ill be shopping for a new one soon. what is the vitamix?


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            Ingredients I can use in a smoothie, shake:

            skim milk (for a thicker shake, try evaporated skim milk --NOT condensed, that is too sweet)
            Whey protein powder
            Vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast (mix with ice cubes and low acid orange juice if you can tolerate it)
            Blueberry juice
            Pear juice
            canned peaches
            White Chocolate syrup
            yogurt (I can tolerate yogurt)
            Mint leaves or mint flavoring
            Almond extract
            vanilla extract
            vanilla ice cream

            Now I have to dig out my blender! You all made me hungry!
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              Vita Mix

              Today was a good day.
              A Vita-Mix rep was at Sam's warehouse today doing demonstrations.
              I watched as she prepared all the wonderful smoothies. Taking 3 Prelief I did try a bit of the forbidden fruits (small amount though). After the crowd left we talked and she was surprised anyone would have an ailment that would limit any good fruits. I told her I had bought a Vita Mix 3 weeks ago and was having buyers remorse because most of the ingredients for a good drink was unsafe for us with IC. She was intrigued and said she wanted to work with me so she made up things I could tolerate. She was very nice so I am encouraged.

              After going to the grocery I came home and tried a crazy mixture for our appetizer for dinner. Spinach, carrot, wedge of gala apple, small amount of beet, red cabbage slice, 1 green onion, a sprinkle of garlic powder, salt and crushed ice. I forgot to add the honey she suggested so I added a spoon of sugar. It was a beautiful red and I thought it was very good. My guy raised his eyebrows but did drink it. Steak was on the menue so that helped.
              I told him go get ready we would have more of the healthy stuff in the future. He is diabetic.


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                A Vita-Mix is similar to the popular Ninja they advertize on t.v.
                It will mix frozed raw fruits, veggies and ice for smoothies as well as the usual blender things. It will also make hot soups and ice cream. Most commercial resturants use a Vita Mix.
                It is a bit pricy. I am just now learning about it. My daughter bought hers at Sam's while there was a demo going on some time back and told me the demo guy made a chocolate drink mix with cabbage as an ingredient. She said she could not taste the cabbage. A good way to get kids to eat their veggies! Today the rep said, regarding quantities of a handfull; if you can hide it in your hand you can hide it in the taste of the drink. lol


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                  Coconut water, small amount of skim milk, greek vanilla and honey yogurt, any low acid fruits, spirulina, plums, fresh cherries, peaches, pears, mango. I did fine w blueberries. Just test one at a time and see what works for you.

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                    Thanks for the hints. What is spirulina? I am fearful of most fruits except pears, bananas.


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                      Spirulina is kelp or algae. Good for immune system and inflammatory diseases. You can buy it as powder and add a tablespoon to your smoothie. I couldn't eat bananas for the longest time but I can have them periodically now...potassium aggravates bladder for most. I'm a smoothie freak. I have even put omega fish oil and stuff in mine. Whole foods stores have many things. I'll try to find my recipes
                      Keep telling others about IC! Education is the way to the cure! LAUREN in MEMPHIS


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                        It isn't the potassium in the banana that is the irritant --- and a potassium deficiency can be very serious.

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                          What is it in bananas that irritates? I always thought potassium but I'm apparently incorrect.
                          All I know is that once when in hospital I was potassium deficient and they put me on an IV that KILLED my bladder and my arm that it was going into.
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