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Low Acid black Teas?

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  • Low Acid black Teas?

    Anyone know if low acid black teas are available anywhere? I can find decaffeinated black tea but I've never found a low or no acid one.

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    I'd be interested to know as well!


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      I don't know if there are low-acid teas out there .... I think that the major problem IC people have with black tea is the caffeine. Since teas are steeped, there is a certain amount of control with how strong you make it.

      Just a word of caution: decaffeinated teas still might not be safe for some people with IC. There is still usually a trace amount of caffeine in the tea (1-2%), plus the method of decaffeinating the tea leaves might cause problems too (some processes use chemical solvents, others carbon).
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        I found that the acid in tea and coffee were more of an irritant for me than caffeine. I stopped drinking tea and coffee all together for a good while and now that I have been pain and frequency free I wanted to try a decaf low acid black tea, but apparently there may not be any.