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Starting diet cold turkey today need advice please...

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  • Starting diet cold turkey today need advice please...

    Starting the diet today cold turkey. I am really scared. I have a couple of questions below actually I am editing this and notice that I ramble a lot! sorry!

    Let me start off by saying I was diagnosed with this right after my c-section 18 months ago. I have been on 5 rounds of antibiotics, seen 2 gynecologists, 1 gynourologist or urogynocolgist and 4 urologists. I am sick of them. No one can help me and they just keep trying ot get me on more meds. I have tried every IC med out there and nothing has worked. The next thing was to do bladder installations but I work full time, have a young child and family. It is really hard for me to 1) get out of work once a week for 8 weeks for the installations and therapy and 2.) I just do not want any more catheters at this point - I think they are doing more harm than good.
    ***Also I was told at the onset of my issue by a native American healer told me that my bladder was either nicked or not put back in correctly. I strongly believe in alternative healing....

    also have tried preleif (sp?) - for months and did not see any help,
    baking soda and water - for months, no relief

    so with that said.....

    I cut my caffeine down to 1 cup of coffee when I got pregnant so I am cutting that down to zero

    I am going cold turkey today and going to try to follow column A of the diet chart. What happens if I cheat or fall off the wagon like have that one cup of coffee after doing great for 5 days? Or I have ketchup or something?

    Does this diet help with the repair of your bladder in respect to IC? that is where I am confused.

    I have to date found no medication to help that is prescribed for IC. The only thing that helps is taking a half a pain pill daily, 1 in the morning and 1 on the way home from work. That really doesnt work it just cuts the pain.

    So I guess I need guidance, support, advice.

    Yesterday I prepared a week of breakfast/lunches for work.
    Consisting of nitrate free, fresh oven baked turkey breast lunch meat, homemade humus - water/olive oil/whole garlic, pita bread, pears, raw cashews, cucumbers, lettuce, mozzarella cheese

    Ugh. gag. sorry! ha ha makes me sick to think I might have to stick to this but I am ok with it. I have gone from eating Italian style lean cuisines over the weeks to lunch meat sandwiches thinking the tomatoes were making it worse but no change.
    My typical day consists of one cup of coffee, one diet sprite and then water the rest of the day
    Usually instant oatmeal for breakfast
    lunch sandwich consisting of bread-turkey-mayo-cheese
    dinner anything that we can gtet fast, pizza, hot dogs, fried chicken, steak - yes these are bad choices but I do not think my diet is all that bad.

    Meds/Supplements I take daily.
    - 1 full pain pill split in half (morning/late afternoon) this only take a tad of the pain away to where its not so rough
    - adderall for my add
    - aloe vera healthy life harvest (starting this today)
    - 2 teaspoons of colloidal silver

    So my questions again are.....
    - Does the diet help in repair the damage your bladder has? this is where I am most confused. Like how does your bladder get well if this is not curable?
    - If you cheat does that totally destroy all the hard work you have been doing to change your diet?

    ***********END NOTE*************
    Please excuse this posting as in "being all over the place" this is my first morning not on my routine of coffee and oatmeal. I am really shaky (sp?) and my brain is so cloudly. Mainly because I think I am scared. I have no will power when it comes to food*******************
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    Diagnosed with IC January 2010 RIGHT AFTER MY C-Section.

    Currently i have been in a 24/7 CONSTANT flare like pain since January of this year with no relief.....

    I have seen 2 Urologist and 1 Urogynecologist and now am on to my 4th Urologist - Destine to find one that CARES!!

    Meds tried
    Elmiron - hair fell out in clups
    Elavil - blackouts on the smallest dosage cut in half
    Uribel - no relief after months of use
    Azo - no relief
    Darpaz - 3 months felt no difference in pain
    Vesicare - no relief after months of use
    Gelnique - no relief after months of use
    Uristat - no relief after months of use

    Supplements tried- no relief
    Marshmellow Root tea and capsules
    Pumpkin Seed

    What I am on now
    Kidney detox
    Licorice Root
    Adrenal Support
    Adderall for my ADD
    Valium 1/2 nightly to sleep
    Pain Pill 1/2 as needed in afternoon
    Healthy Life Harvest 700mg Aloe Vera capsules - 6 x 3 times a day
    Colloidal Silver - 2 teaspons x twice day

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    Try thinking of the diet this way: It helps us live a normal life by controlling the discomfort of interstitial cystitis. It does not "cure" IC --- nothing has been found that will do that. You know that if you put your hand on a hot stove burner is going to hurt! And even if you avoid putting your hand on that burner for six months --- it's STILL going to hurt if you touch it.

    If you avoid putting foods and drinks in your body that are going to hurt your bladder, you will very probably feel better, but if you return to eating problem foods a few weeks or months down the line, it's STILL going to make your bladder hurt.

    After you have been on an IC diet for long enough to feel good, you might want to try very small amounts of questionable foods and drinks (one at a time) and you may be able to add back some of your favorites.

    If I were to drink a diet sprite, I absolutely know I would be in pain. The only coffee I can tolerate is the low acid variety.

    Also, I noted you are taking colloidal silver --- a word of caution --- this can cause permanent skin discoloration. I suggest you do an internet search for side effects; it's pretty gross.

    Sending healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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