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Soy bean oil?

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  • Soy bean oil?

    Does anyone know if soybean oil is okay? It seems to be in a lot of products. I know that most people are okay with small amounts of soy lecithin. I tend to be very diet sensitive.

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    The diet list shows on the Bladder Friendly list: "oils - canola, coconut, corn, olive, peanut, safflower, sesame, soy."
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      You really just have to try it. Of the oils that Donna listed, I flare if I have canola or peanut oil, but am fine with veggie oil. It's not the same for everyone. I've found that things with a small amount of soy in them are usually ok for me; just try a small amount and go from there.
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        Thanks. I will go ahead and use some products with it and see how I do.


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          I don't understand much about the oils. What I do know is that I can't tolerate soybean oil. I've tried adding in (to my elimination diet) several different food items that have SO in it, and it always causes me flares. Though it's not as bad as if I had a big plate of spaghetti and sauce, the SO always burned even if "just a little flare". I'm "lucky" that not everything sends me to the ER bent over in pain (LOL). Even the spray oil made with SO bothers me, where canola doesn't.
          Someone explained to me that what bothers IC'ers about soybean is the protein, and that the oil doesn't contain the protein so it should be safe. That may be the case, and if it is, maybe the quality of the oil makes the difference.
          I don't believe soy lecithin is the same as the cooking oil. My understanding is that the lecithin is just an emulsifier, it just "bonds" food parts together to make them smooth, like in chocolate (don't get me going on chocolate.. just kidding!). Soy lecithin doesn't bother me at all.

          The Diet List is a good place to start but there is a chance that even something in the "friendly" column can be unfriendly to you.