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    Can anyone give me some advice on the diet. I was diagnosed with ic 3 months ago and have followed the diet religiously. I was told that when you feel better you can start adding food to find which ones make you flare up. The problem is, is that I have never stop hurting once in these 3 months so I am not even sure what a flare is.

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    It took me quite a long time to see a difference from following the diet. I guess my bladder needed a longer time to calm down than some people. You may want to look into medication or trying some supplements in the meantime.
    There may also be something in the IC diet that just doesn't agree with you. Try reading the tips here on this website that talks about when you are in a flare and what to do. It recommended eating very basic foods and limiting liquids to only water. It's sounds harsh but it may help.


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      Sounds like you need a treatment plan that helps. Have you gotten a second or third opinion & researched the treatment options on this site? My bladder calmed down in about a month on the diet & I did not try to add things back in for over a year. I also did not try to add things back if I was flaring. But I was ( & still am) having success with amitriptyline & physical therapy. Diet is an important part but not my only treatment.

      Support leaders who helped me with diet questions in the past were Kadi, Donna, & Julie. You will find their current & old posts very helpful. I also have 2 great cookbooks from here by Julie & Bev. Hang in there! It does get better.


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        I think I am following a pretty basic diet but not to sure after reading everyones posts. I eat oats for breakfast, avacado with cottage cheese for lunch and chicken and white rice for dinner. Is this basic enough? I am getting a second opinion at the end of August and hopefully she will be able to help. I will try looking into this website more I am just trying to learn how to use it.


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          You can try other meats & fish. Your diet sounds limited. Maybe try stopping the avocado for a week. Oats bother some people too. But if you eliminate something then do it one food at a time. Kadi has some older posts on here with complete meal plans. Very helpful.


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            Are you on any medications for your IC? Have you tried any treatments other than diet? Sometimes it takes more than just diet to get symptoms under control.

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