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Non-diet related IC?

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  • Non-diet related IC?

    I accidentally ate a piece of Angel Food cake this afternoon with Folic Acid in it and didn't experience a flare (thank goodness).

    But it got me curious...

    Is there such a thing as a case of IC that that is not highly diet related?

    Obviously I know that if you down Red Bulls and eat fast food every day (like I use to) your IC is going to act up. But. If you took to eating everything in moderation (excluding really bad things like Red Bull) is it possible that could 'cure' your IC? Like once a week a fast food meal and only like 2 times a week a tomato/tomato sauce and/or a non-caffinated soda? Perhaps with Prelief?

    I am really new to IC and I won't test my theory out (don't worry heh). I am just curious. Is there anyone here who has noticed their diet (if it moderation) doesn't really affect their IC?

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    Only some foods really make me flare up. Like really salty food, too much tomatoe sauce and very acidic food. If I take pre lief with everything I am usually ok. I think hormonal fluctuation causes more problems for me.


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      I hope I am lucky like you! This diet is really killing me. I would never go back to my old unhealthy eating habbits but I would do almost anything for Italian dressing heh.


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        Some of us can "get away with" a problem food or drink occasionally, but I honestly don't know of anyone with interstitial cystitis who doesn't have at least a few trigger foods.

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          Folic acid is not a trigger for most people with IC. I personally take 1.2 mg/day as a supplement!
          Symtoms started July 2010.
          Severe pelvic floor pain only.

          2 time PT graduate!
          In medical remission since August 2011; able to eat and drink anything I want currently.

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          200 mg Elmiron in the morning
          100 mg Elmiron @ night
          Macrobid after intercourse

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            *nods* That would make sense Donna. Even with the varying degrees of IC afterall we all have at least some bladder issues.

            Indeed! I was reading up on it. I am glad I can have things with folic acid in them as my last trip to the grocery store saw me putting down quite a few things because it had that in them.


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              Nineteenwinters, good luck with your diet. Hopefully you will enjoy some of the foods you love soon.


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                I am not too diet sensitive, but the one thing that really gets to me is tomatos; coffee- I can have my one cup in the morning but that is about it if I drink too much or the wrong brand than my bladder isn't a happy camper. I usually bring my own coffee too work as the one in the office is way too strong.


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                  Thanks mommyof5!

                  Wow. I hope I am the odd man out on this tomato buisness.


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                    I have had the following things occasionally with no major flare-ups: low-acid coffee, lattes with only one shot of espresso, a chocolate chip cookie, white wine, a small slice of pizza with a very, very thin layer of tomato sauce, small amounts of sun-dried tomatoes. I always take Prelief beforehand.

                    That being said, it was months - like six months or more - before I tried any of this. When I do, I try a small amount. And if I'm in a flare, I run right back to the safe list.

                    You may find eventually that you can occasionally indulge in small amounts of problem foods without too much damage. I do find that I feel better when I don't, but once you learn how different foods may affect you, then at least you are making an informed choice.

                    40 y.o. mom, wife and marketing manager

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                    IC symptoms began Feb 2010; diagnosed Mar 2010


                    Elmiron 3x day; Elavil 25 mg/day; Prelief (when I remember!); Benadryl and Prosed DS as needed for flares

                    Acupuncture 2x/month; yoga; IC Diet; meditation and breathing exercises for stress; heating pad for flares