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  • Acids

    Just another question from me. (If you feel like I am spamming here please just let me know. I am just really inquisitive.)

    What do you think/know or from personal experience has the most acid from our no-no list? Like what top 5 or so would you say has the most acid in them?

    Ones I am most curious about (AKA what I am missing the most lol) are Italian dressing, ketchup, and mustard. Those are most curious to me because we could have them if it weren't for the vinegar.

    Also, how about citric acid when it's lower on the list and/or in candy? I am assuming that's a pretty big no-no but I am curious as to how much is in like skittles and/or how much is too much for you (if you're able to eat it now).

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    Top irritants for me: cranberries, anything with tomato, citrus, or vinegar.

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      I'm like Donna. Anything with vinegar or tomatoes is a no go. I wouldn't even think of trying cranberries.
      I also can't have most juices, except pear and blueberry if it has no preservatives.
      I'm not sure that the amount of acid,or presrvatives, or artificial colors is the issue for me. It's just any of those things even in small quantities.


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        I'm guessing as to which ones actually have the most acid in them, but for me the top five are coffee, tea, vinegar, citrus, and chocolate. I have no experience with cranberries as I never have eaten them. I'm ok with a couple small home grown tomatoes but not ones that aren't vine ripened. I usually buy Japanese tomatoes at the farmers market that are low acid.


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          Forgot about the red wine also. That would replace the chocolate for number 5.


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            Ugh. I guess I won't hold out much hope for some Italian Dressing lol. Ahh, boo to the cranberries as well. Pretty much my favorite Thanksgiving side next to mashed potatos.

            I wonder if I can make some Italian Dressing myself with really limited ammounts of vinegar. My 'ranch' I did wasn't a slam dunk hit. Cottage cheese was never a big favorite of mine to start with. Who new I would miss lettuce so darn much!

            The chocolate's not a problem for me (I finally found the white chocolate Reese's PB cups and have made a batch of carob chip cookies with were identical to the chocolate ones. I find I miss fruity candy more. I don't like alcohol so that's an easy one. The caffine sucks but as long as I get to occasionally endulge in a root beer I should be fine as far as sodas go. Citric acid is going to be a pain too since it's in so much (even things you wouldn't expect).


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              I've gotten used to making salad dressing with just olive oil, fresh garlic, and black olive paste. Sometimes I make a dressing with sesame oil and fresh garlic and honey. Caffeine was the hardest to part with as I liked the afternoon pick me up it gave me. Some here are ok with low acid decaf coffees so you never know what you may be able to tolerate later on. I've made ranch dressing with just buttermilk and the ranch mix. Didn't miss the mayo at all.


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                Thanks! I might have to try that next month or so. Is it easy to find ranch mixies with bladder friendly or the 'try it' section ingredients? I bet I would be fine with buttermilk even now but I am trying to be good for at least a month heh.

                I was also thinking about those spray on salad dressings down the road. I wonder if I could get away with a little spritz so it's not like my lettuce is soaking in vinegar.


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                  i've never had a problem with either the ranch mixes or buttermilk but as we all know we're all different in what we can tolerate. I've also used a dash of balsamic in my dressing and it didn't kill me but I don't think it was such a good idea.


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                    If you miss fruity candy give strawberry Twizzlers a try. I've seen a ton of IC'ers post they have no problems with them, and I personally just finished off a 2 lb bag. That was a terrible idea, but not for my bladder, LOL. They have HORRIBLE ingredients in them, including preservatives and citric acid, but somehow, my bladder doesn't register them at all!

                    That said, I do eat mayo and chocolate, and drink white wine with no problems so proceed with caution; I'm not terrible diet sensitive and would NOT recommend starting with a 2 lb bag of Twizzlers to see how you do!
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                      Thanks! I will check them out. It's weird because I was looking at those but they had pretty much the same ingredients as like now and laters lol.


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                        iced tea gives me BIG flare up! I am pretty sure also citrus fruit, tomato, and chocolate.
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                          Tomatoes/tomato products are the absolute WORST thing for my IC. A few weeks ago, I thought I'd try some ketchup with my fries since I had Prelief but it didn't matter. I flared SOOO bad!
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                            Hmm, I don't like iced tea so that would be fine by me heh.

                            Ketchup would be so depressing without ketcup. I hope I am able to tolerate some.


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                              Like most of you my worst enemies are tomatoes, vinegars (anything pickled), tea, citrus fruits. carbonated drinks
                              I am finding more and more that when I eat out the ingredients in breading etc, in foods must have something that causes triggers. I can't identify what unless it is MSG.
                              Good luck on your quest for what you can tolerate.