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Magnesium Citrate for Colonoscopy

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  • Magnesium Citrate for Colonoscopy

    I am scheduled for a colonoscopy soon. I have my prep liquids and have read the lables. The magnesium citrate contents are (in order) as follows: citric acid, lemon oil, polyethylene glycol, sodium bicarbonate, sodium saccharin, sucrose, water purified.

    I'm wondering if anyone has taken this without a serious flair. I called my urologist office and they said to go ahead because I wouldn't be able to test without taking it. I was not able to get through to the doctor office who will be doing the procedure because I had to be away from the phone today.

    I have stayed away from anything with citric acid as an ingredient in the past. I am dreading this procedure in more ways than one. lol

    Just need some feed back.

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    You must take the prep. Anyone else on here that feels a colonoscopy will cause pain to the bladder no matter what? They run that tube up there and in my mind they are bound to annoy the bladder. I asked for pain meds as soon as I became awake and I really needed them big time. I had spoken with the Doctor previous to the procedure and he agreed to help me. An average person has no trouble but those of us with IC need help with the pain afterwards. They did help me and I was fine when I return home. I would be interested if others experienced this problem. A Colonoscopy saves lives. We can find ways to get through them if we have knowledge. Hugs, Ziggy


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      For my colonoscopy, I drank Gatorade mixed with Miralax. I also took Dulcolax. The Gatorade does have citric acid in it but I had no problems at all.

      The only hard part was being up all night.........I thought I would never get out of the bathroom.


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        I did my prep the afternoon before the procedure --- the prep did not cause a problem for me. I had absolutely no pain afterwards. I was just very tired from the versed I was given for the colonoscopy.

        Stay safe

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          Magnesium citrate

          I should have stated that I have had a colonoscopy before. Before my IC The main thing I am worried about is the citric acid in the solution iritating my bladder.

          I did talk to the doctors office who will do the procedure and she said it is my choice. I can take twice the amount of Miralax with the gallon of water or use the Magnesium citrate.

          I think I will double up on my Elmiron the day before just to be safe.

          The gatoraid sounds like something I might do

          Thanks everyone for your feedback.