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If I can have milk and sour cream can I have Lactic Acid?

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  • If I can have milk and sour cream can I have Lactic Acid?

    Just a quick question. I am fine with milk and small ammounts of sour cream; does that mean I will likely tolerate Lactic Acid? All I can find about it is that it comes from sour milk. Thanks!

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    Hi there!

    Lactaid is just a milk product that has the "lactose" or milk sugar partially digested so that people who are lactose intolerant can drink it. It is also comes in pill form that you can take when you consume dairy products.

    Why are you considering using Lactaid?
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      Thanks for the reply! It's in a lot of things I was going to buy in the store (where it was the only ingredient I thought might be bad.) But in this specific case it's the last ingredient in a ranch mix I was going to mix with buttermilk for my salad dressing.