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Prelief- Can I eat tomoto sauce, acidic fruits, etc???

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  • Prelief- Can I eat tomoto sauce, acidic fruits, etc???


    My name is Lisa. Do you think if I eat pizza, tomato sauce w/ pasta, or no-no fruits, and took prelief, I would be okay? What's your experience w/ this?

    Some background w/ my IC diet/thoughts:

    I have completely cut out all alcohol, soda, fruit juice, and all the teas that aren't IC friendly. I've also cut out most has been hard for me to cut out chocolate but I'm trying and bought some carob. I am trying to be better about the diet but it's so hard!!

    I ordered a couple of the pear bars off the IC website and they are fantastic!! Will def be ordering more =) Thanks Jill or whoever found them for putting those up! I can even cut them up into small squares and make "fig" newtons w/out all the preservatives or figs obviously since it kind of reminds me of a fruit roll up or the center of a fig newton.

    I've also been meaning to check out some of the IC recipes but I've been so busy! Today at the store, I discovered some ravioli w/ artichoke and black olive in it. I'm going to make that w/ olive oil and parm cheese, and take prelief with it for the parm! I'm pretty sure the black olives in it are not cured.

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    If those are your food triggers it's doubtful Prelief will allow you to have those as long as you take a few pills. If that were the case we'd all just go take those and eat anything we wanted. Another factor is how far along your bladder is recovered. If you still think it's not just taking Prelief won't guarantee you no flares. I guess it ammounts to how food sensitive you are and how far along your bladder is to 'normal'. If you're feeling adventurous good luck!


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      Prelief is great stuff and I wouldn't be without it, but it doesn't allow me to have my problem foods or drinks. If I'm sure a meal is IC safe (meaning I cooked it myself) I don't take Prelief, but if I eat away from home, I take it before eating, but am still cautious.

      You might be able to eat very small amounts with Prelief, but I urge caution.

      Stay safe

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        Prelief would not allow me to eat anything you listed. Tomatos and fruit are big triggers for me.

        It does allow me to eat small amounts of mayonnaise and drink white wine, as those are not big triggers for me.

        This disease is so crazy... I can drink wine and not have an issue, but give me watermelon, and I'm peeing every 5 minutes for the next few hours!
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          Prelief seemed to help me with very small amounts of something questionable like tomatoes but not with larger amounts of it. I usually take them when I eat out just in case. It doesn't give me carte blanche to eat anything I want that's for sure. I can have a vodka martini no problem, but an iced tea will kill me.