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Confused- IC vs. Alkaline diet?

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  • Confused- IC vs. Alkaline diet?

    The alkaline diet says that many of the fruits which are considered dangerous on the IC diet are actually alkanized by our body...even if they are initially acidic. I'm confused.... I am thinking of following both the IC diet and the alkaline diet at the same time and combining them, but that is sooo limiting... I don't get why they are contradicting each other; I'm very confused. Do I stay away from acidic foods, or can I have acidic foods that are apparently turned into alkaline foods in our bodies?


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    The best suggestion I can think of is to follow the IC diet. For example --- I don't know why cranberry juice is a problem for me, but I do know it causes extreme pain if I drink any at all --- the same with tomatoes, citrus, and some other things. It has taken years of research to develop the food list that you'll find at the link in my signature below. It's well worth the effort to use the list as a guide.

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      I was just going to ask this same question. It really seems like following the Alkaline diet would help, but it doesn't seem to really be in harmony with the IC diet. I just want to understand the general science so I can make the best decisions. For example, should I really stop having the few fruits on the safe list? Is what the diet says about watermelon the reason watermelon makes me pee?


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        This question comes up a lot. Check out the "sticky" in the general diet forum labeled "Body pH vs Urine pH" - that will help answer your question.

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