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  • whole wheat?

    I have been using the IC diet for several years and usually have very good results with it. I am very diet sensitive, and make my own bread. I have been making white bread, but I know whole wheat bread is much better for me. On the IC diet list, it says "wheat" flour is O.K. Do you think this means "whole wheat" flour is O.K. to make bread with? I am trying to eat healthier, but am not sure if I should go out and buy a bag of whole wheat flour and give it a try. Any of you seem O.K. with whole wheat. As always, thanks for all your help, everyone!

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    I'm fine with white bread, but for some reason whole wheat is a problem for me --- not for my bladder, but for my digestive system --- my body seems to think it's like sand and grinds its way through.

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      I can only tolerate a bit of whole wheat or multigrain breads, which sucks b/c I love them! but they bother my bladder, and also, like Donna, my innards, lol I find a lot of high fiber foods do that in large quantities


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        I'm fine with whole wheat and any grain.


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          okay for me

          I do alot of baking and only use whole wheat flour myself. I don't seem to have a problem with it.

          I ended up doing alot of my own baking because of the IC diet. It was so hard to find breads and such that were chemical/preservative free.

          I searched online under "whole wheat" and found a few really good recipes for bread/rolls, bagels, and pizza dough. Of course, it is alot more work, but so nice to have more variety in the diet.

          I end up making a big batch and then I freeze alot of it. Sometimes I'm busier and don't have as much time. I hope you like to bake, I do. I'm still a bit nervous with the yeast--but so far it's risen pretty good overrall.


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            is wholegrain and wholewheat the same thing???


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              For everyone who has a problem with digesting whole wheat:

              It could be a gluten intolerance. It's estimated that as many as 1/3 of people have some level of gluten intolerance. That means it's hugely common, but people just don't know about it. I personally never thought about how bad it was that wheat hurt my stomach so much. I thought it was just normal. Now, I know that I'm intolerant, and that I should ALWAYS avoid anything with any wheat. It sounds like a lot of work, but like the IC diet, it becomes routine and normal, and it's so important to stop because it will greatly improve your health, sometimes fixing things that you didn't even realize was wrong with you.

              Hazel, "whole wheat" is a TYPE of whole grain. Other whole grains could mean brown rice, quinoa, or anything that is a grain and hasn't been overly processed so that its nutrients are removed. So you always want "whole" if you're looking for the most nutrients.


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                I ended up buying Oat bread from health food store ($7 a loaf sheesh) because all the bread on the shelfs here have soy in them