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probiotics and IC

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  • probiotics and IC

    I recently started on a probiotic to help control yeast. Just wondering if anyone has had complications being on a probiotic or if most are safe for the IC sufferer? I checked my probiotic to make sure there was not absorbic acid but maybe something else could cause problems.

    Thanks for any information.

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    I have been taking probiotics for over a year and don't think they hurt. I take acidophilus, lactobacillus rhamnosis and lactobacillus reuteri. I also take them for yeast and the last two are supposed to help vaginal and urinary issues.


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      As do I. I haven't had a problem with them either.
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        I dont have a problem with probiotics. most probiotics are dairy based and are ok for most IC'ers. its the extra ingredients like Vit C that you may need to worry about.
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          Thank you. I think I have found a pretty safe one from the Naturals line at Target.


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            Align or Cultrelle

            Has anyone ever taken these? I know there are some extra ingredients in them, not sure if it is okay?