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Lots and lots of water?

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  • Lots and lots of water?

    I have gotten into a habit of drinking a lot of water to avoid UTI's (since I was in remission and UTI's were the only things I worried about) - However, since my IC symtoms seem to be back, I don't know what I should do. Voiding causes me discomfort. It doesn't actually hurt when I urinate, but I feel irritated afterwards. I know that holding your bladder is never a good thing, so I'm not doing that (I couldn't even if I wanted to) but I'm tempted to really cut back on how much water I drink to avoid having to urinate as often.

    How much water/liquids do you drink? Do you try to minimize it a bit to avoid having to urinate as often?
    Diagnosed with IC in 2004 at the age of 19
    12 weeks of instillations (don't remember what)
    Remission from late 2005 until August 2011.
    Married in 2005 - Our son was born in 2008!

    IC acting back up after a severe UTI in June followed by another mild UTI in August.

    Current Treatment
    ~IC diet - not strict, but avoiding most things including my beloved soy chai lattes. Drinking only water and blueberry juice. No tomatoes or anything spicey.
    ~1/2-1mg Ativan per day - has been the only thing to help! Praying that my doctor will let me continue with it
    ~25mg Doxipen
    ~Azo as needed (don't really notice a difference)

    IC symptoms get progressively worse throughout the day. Sleep and constant distraction are my only refuge!

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    My daily goal is six cups of water. If I get that much it's enough to keep my urine from becoming concentrated. If I don't drink enough I get painful.

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