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  • Oatmeal

    Does anyone else find that oatmeal causes frequency - i had oatmeal and the whole day I urinated about 15 times over 12 hours. The urine was very clear; could I have been retaining water from salty food from the day before and the oatmeal acted as a diuretic?

    Thanks for your opinions


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    Instant Oatmeal?

    Hi -

    You don't say what kind of oatmeal you ate. If it was just the old Quaker Oats (1 minute or old fashion), those are usually ok for ICers. However, if you used one of the instant ones in the packets that you microwave, they have lots of stuff that can make you flare, such as vitamins and preservatives.

    Hope this is helpful to you.



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      Thanks for the reply. I had McCanns' Irish Oatmeal - it's not flavored but, maybe it has different ingredients than Quaker oats. Sometimes, I think I can get away with a certain amount of irritants then all of a sudden I fall off the cliff with one irritant too many


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        Yep, your best bet is to do the elimination diet. It takes awhile, but it is worth it. One "do not try" ingredient will mess you up.

        I have not had a problem with quaker oats (no flavor) I have added cinnamon and nutmeg to the oats.

        Good luck!
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          Some people have said in the past that oatmeal bothers them. It was in the middle list (Try It) for a long time, but after discussing it, we decided that the majority of people can eat it. Oatmeal might bother some people with vulvadynia, but even that is very individual.
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