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small flare 36 hours after alchohol? anyone else?

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  • small flare 36 hours after alchohol? anyone else?

    First off, I know we aren't supposed to drink but no one is perfect and occasionally, like every 3 or 4 months I try. I stick with a mostly vodka martini and usually the results aren't too terrible, just a little discomfort. My question is this, the last time I had a drink, I felt no discomfort until 36 hours later so I'm not sure if it's even from the drink. Has anyone else experienced this much of a delay after drinking?

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    I have a glass or two of wine or beer a week, and don't flare from them. Have you kept track of everything else you were drinking/eating to ensure it was the alcohol? If it were me, meaning I do not flare badly, I would test it again to make sure it was the alcohol, or just chalk it up to a fluke.
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      I usually flare almost immediately with any sort of alcohol. I mean, within a couple of minutes. Could it have been something else that you ate later? Or many time physical activity or intercourse can affect an IC patient a day or two later. Just a thought.
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        Alcohol makes me flare faster than anything else, practically as soon as it hits my stomach. It seems strange to cause a flare that much later... I would personally test it again later.
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