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Chinese food?!?!

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  • Chinese food?!?!

    I am at a loss. I can't figure out what I can make in the Asian food category. Any suggestions? My fiancee is craving Chinese food badly and I want some too. He wants to support me but he also has his own issues with food. He doesn't feel like he should ever deprive himself of something. Even if he just has a small amount. Ugh. I told him that he might just have to satisfy this craving on his own. I swear he's like a pregnant woman with his cravings sometimes.

    Thanks for ideas.

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    Chinese food

    I would think you could modify a lot of recipe's by just taking your portion out and then finish his with the soy sauce etc. If your flaring i wouldn't take a chance on any of the "not so good" for you ingredients. Hope others will write in with some ideas.


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      I make an almond chicken by cutting up boneless skinless chicken thighs, rinsing them and stirring them in a bowl with cornstarch, sugar & salt. Then I heat up a little canola oil and pan-fry the pieces with raw almonds, chopped celery, and a little garlic. =)

      I've done the same thing with pieces of stir fry beef, barely steamed broccoli, garlic and a few drops of sesame oil. I like that one too. =)

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        Last night I made fried rice with just rice, oil, LOTS of garlic, eggs cooked like an omelet and then cut up, and some scallions. My portion got some salt, on everyone else's portions I added pepper and soy sauce.
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          I have fried rice all the time like soymilk described. Delish!
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            Ok well that gives me some ideas!! Thanks!!!


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              I make a beef and broccoli and also chicken stir fry.


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                How do you make those dishes?


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                  Sorry your SO isn't a little more understanding.
                  Asian food is tough one! If you go out to eat, try the Crab Rangoon.
                  If you are eating at home, try using Sesame Oil. It bothered me but you might have better luck. It's kinda pricey but you only have to use a few drops to get the smokey asian flavor, and the bottles are small. Just add it to your canola oil (or whatever you use), get it hot, and add chicken or beef chuncks. Cook through. Don't drain. Then add small pieces of carrot and broccoli. Depending on your diet, you can also add green or red pepper chunks now or some red or white onion or mushrooms. Add some minced garlic. If you are brave, you can add just a tiny little pinch of ginger powder, or fresh ginger. Cook until they are tender. Add salt and pepper. Serve with white or brown rice.
                  I love to cook and love to share my ideas, so PM if you need more ideas/help!


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                    I use dark sesame oil, sesame seeds, and fresh ginger to make something "asian," like a stir fry. Ginger is on the "try it" list but I seem to be fine with it. Oh, and coconut milk should be safe too. I make a peanut sauce sometimes by combining peanut butter and coconut milk. The "My Food Style" website has several IC-friendly recipes (including a soy sauce substitute made with water, molasses, sesame oil and salt), but you need to subscribe for $4.99 a month to get his recipes.

                    There is also a five-spice blend in one of the recipes in Bev Laumann's "Taste of the Good Life" cookbook if you are up for trying it.

                    BTW, now that I'm feeling better I find I can get away with teensy amounts of low-sodium soy sauce and rice vinegar sometimes, but I would not try these if you are flaring at all or if you know you are very food sensitive.

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