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Evian not helping anymore

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  • Evian not helping anymore

    So during my period last week I ate a lot of food lol and since it ended the burning has been bad. My evian water doesn't even seem to be helping. I don't know if this is a flare or what but no amount of water I've been drinking is helping. What to do what to do

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    Just curious as to what you may have eaten that could have provoked a flare. Has Evian helped you in the past when you've had a flare? I sure wish I could sayI ate a lot on this IC diet. I wish i could find something appetizing to eat. I hope it settles down soon!


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      You might have an infection - I'd recommend consulting your doctor before you assume it's a flare.


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        I was checked recently for one and I didnt have an infection. I was checked the week before I got my period actually and then right after it ended the water started to not help. And yea Evian usually takes the burning away but right now it's not helping. I dunno what exactly I ate i just usually take prelief and drink a bunch of water and then I hardly have any burning. But I finally got approved for a texas gold card so whenever they have an opening for new patients I'll go see a family doctor there, cuz apparenly I need to see a family doctor before i can see they gyno. ::Shrug::