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Vitamix Blender!! :)

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  • Vitamix Blender!! :)

    Anyone else have one of these?

    I just received one today as a gift! I've already made a juice of beet, spinach, and apple. And a peach and coconut milk sherbet--ready to eat in less than two minutes.

    I'm sold on this thing already. If you're like me and love to juice but got rid of your juicer b/c of the million and one parts to clean and keep track of, you should look into this blender. It's better than a juicer because you don't throw away all the fiber, and better than the typical blender because it totally liquefies things at turbospeed and there is just the container and lid to clean.

    Apparently it gets hot enough to actually cook things, like a pureed veggie soup. Can also be used to knead bread, grind coffee, make peanut butter and almond milk. Without all the parts of a food processer.

    My IC is in remission but I've been dealing with bad muscular pain and inflammation for a couple years now. My doctor thinks I may have polymyalgia rheumatica. I'm going to go on an anti-inflammatory vegan elimination diet and green drinks and veggie smoothies will be a big part of it, so I'm excited to have this new toy!

    (This is not a commercial. Vitamix has never heard of me.)

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    So lucky!

    You are so lucky! The cadillac of all blenders! My BIL uses his for every meal every day. In a month's time he has lost 30 pounds. Don't get me wrong, he said his meals are more than satisfying. He insists he could eat another calorie, and after listening to a few of his mixes, I agree.


    Current Treatment:

    IC diet (food that turns alkaline through digestion, not food from the acid/alkaline list), 2 cups of warm lemon water every morning (juice of one lemon), Forte amino acids

    Herbs: (Now discontinued) Marshmallow root tea, grapefruit seed extract, serrapeptase, omega 3, quercetin, colostrum

    Other/Rx: (All discontinued except birth control) baking soda, Tums, oxybutynin, amitriptyline, certizine hydrochloride, Loestrine 24 Fe

    When I'm in pain: gabapentin, xanax (I have to shut the stress in my brain down), pyridium, tramadol, Prelief

    To this point, four bladder dilatations: 7/11, 12/12, 12/14, 11/16

    Tried and discontinued after 2 years: Elmiron (sad, waste of time and loss of too much hair!)