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Premium Deli Roast Beef Flare?

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  • ICNDonna
    Sometimes it's hard to find out all of the contents in commercially prepared meats. You'll want to avoid that particular kind in the future.

    I hope you feel better quickly.


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  • KathyNiantic
    started a topic Premium Deli Roast Beef Flare?

    Premium Deli Roast Beef Flare?

    I asked at the deli counter if the Roast Beef (rare) had any msg in it as msg causes horrible flares for me, but tonight as I'm trying to figure out my current cause of pain/frequency and I'm wondering if this is what is bothering me:

    "Up To 15% Of A Solution Of Caramel Color Added" to the premium rare roast beef at Stop and Shop. I know red dye is a horrible trigger for me, but caramel color?

    I probably should have asked to see the ingredient list myself. I've had some roast beef at deli counters without problems, but don't know what brands.

    Anyone have any feedback? Maybe there were nitrates in it?