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I don't know what to eat!!!!

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  • I don't know what to eat!!!!

    So the skinny is I have IC, bowel problems (probably IBS) and Neuropathy. I have the following food intolerances, gluten, dairy, oats, oranges, peanuts, corn, caffeine, sugar, artificial anything and I'm probably forgetting something but you get the point. I haven't followed an IC diet in years I've been in remission a couple of times and since then other things has been my pressing then my bladder but I'm in a bad place now and need to start but I'm struggling enough as is dealing with all these food intolerances so I don't even no where to start.

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    Re: I don't know what to eat!!!! about quinoa,almonds & almond butter,almond milk-which isn't actually high value nutrition but is is "milk like" .most gluten free breads are probably IC safe. What are you needing to substitute in your current diet? The App Store has a convenient App for the IC diet -makes it easy to check for safe foods. I am sorry your IC is bugging you again. Shorty


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      Re: I don't know what to eat!!!!

      Start off taking it one day at a time, pick a handful of foods that are IC friendly and ok on with your other restrictions. Eat only that for at least a few weeks to a month and see how it goes.

      You probably will have to make everything from scratch.

      I started with chicken baked plain, and a veggie.

      Yes very plain and boring but I think our bladders get bomb bombarded with foods that harm it and it needs time for the inflamition to go away.
      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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        Re: I don't know what to eat!!!!

        I would start by printing out the diet list that's at the link in my signature below. Then go through that list and cross off all of the foods and drinks that are a problem for you. If you know which foods you need to eliminate due to your other problems, then cross those off --- then look at YOUR new list and go from there. You may be surprised at how many foods are left on your list --- I find if I plan meals ahead, it's much easier for me. I absolutely know that diet can be a huge challenge, but you can do it --- and it's worth the effort.

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          Re: I don't know what to eat!!!!

          Thank you all!!!!