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Food bank not bladder or IBS friendly

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  • Food bank not bladder or IBS friendly

    I have decided today to give up on going to food banks anymore. They just do not have anything I can eat. (I also have a stricter so I mainly eat mushy food) 99% of their food is for normal eating people. I can't have starch of any kind because of the IBS and I've been eating bread and egg salad mostly. Got cereal from them but my stomach can't handle that and I got muffins. Once again...flour. I was only eating yoguart, lots of mango and pears (in single serve containers), and egg beater with brocolli for supper and I used spray on butter that has no calories or fat or sodium. Pretty much everything from the food bank is loaded with salt and fat. Not sure what I'm going to do for food but I'd rather just eat a tiny amount each day instead of having enough food to eat each day because the food bank food is killing my insides. Plus I'm constipated again. Flour while taking Percocet causes a gaint constipation problem for me and yes....I used stool softeners and pooping powder and I'm still constipated. Don't eat flour stuff and I"m not constipated at all and things "move" smoothly. At the food banks I'm allowed one fruit item so it wouldn't be worth the drive for it. The fruit would be the only thing I could eat. Ugh.....
    Plus I found food made with flour makes me really really sleepy. Anyone else have that too?

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    Re: Food bank not bladder or IBS friendly

    Hi Waterflow! I would love to talk with you about this tomorrow if you are available. I betcha we can brainstorm some better options for you. I'm curious as to why you are avoiding all flours? Are you celiac positive too? I know that for my IBS, I don't do white flour or pasta well. I bloat up like mad. But I can do corn, quinoa and rice quite well. Would you consider calling me on the ICN Support line? 800-928-7496!!

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      Re: Food bank not bladder or IBS friendly

      Hi Jill, I only have a cell phone and I use it for emergencies only or so the doctors and text me if need be. I don't have a land line phone and I can't afford to keep adding minutes to it. I don't know if I have celica but I do have IBS but if I eat any flour, rice, corn I get tons of stomach pain, bloated and then I can feel "it moving " down my intestines and then I get awful intestinal pain until I finally do number 2. Wow, how to explain that without being overly gross about it? ha I can talk about peeing with no problems but number 2? ha I also have a stricker (found out 7 years ago when turkey and stuffing got stuck) so I had to stay mainly on soft mushy food) I mainly eat mango, pears, peaches , yoguart and one kind of juice which is friendly juicee. Once in a while I will eat egg beater but that will give me stomach pain as well. But then I do think if I just don't eat or drink anything all of my insides do better all together.
      Thanks for offering help to me. :-)