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  • 21st Birthday

    Hey all! As some of you know, I’m one of the younger IC patients on this site & was diagnosed when I was 19. This month is my 21st birthday and I am soo desperate for it to be normal.

    So my questions are this:
    1. what are the safest possible drinks I can have?? I know vodka seems to be tolerated the most but my friends are taking me to a nice restaurant on the lake and I realllyyyy wanna be able to order a drink off the menu (ALL forms of wine are out of the question lol i’ve learned from experience on that one)

    2. what can I do in the days leading up to my birthday to try and make sure my bladder feels good enough to handle it??

    thank you guys so much!!

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    Re: 21st Birthday

    I think the most effective thing you can do is to stick with your diet 100% until your birthday and before you go out to eat, I suggest reviewing the menu on line so you can make some bladder friendly decisions when ordering --- you could order a steak, shrimp, lobster, or whatever is your favorite. Add a baked potato with toppings on the side --- and a tossed salad without tomato.

    If you order an IC friendly meal, it could give you a little more leeway to have a drink --- and I suggest you take a couple of Prelief before your meal and again before your drink.

    You may have a bit of a flare afterwards so you might want to have some AZO on hand "just in case."

    Most important: HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! I still remember my 21st one and it's been a lot of years.

    Stay safe

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      Re: 21st Birthday

      Thank you so much!! Such great advice.. I hope it’s gonna be a happy birthday, i’m gonna try to have fun no matter what my crazy bladder does


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        Re: 21st Birthday

        I agree, make sure you eat an ic friendly diet up until the big night! For me, I do ok with clear spirits. For example, I can drink vodka and sprite with no issues. Sometimes I can even have a few light beers. I do all this with prelief and make sure to also drink water. Happy 21st!!


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          Re: 21st Birthday

          thank you so much!! that is so helpful. it is so refreshing to get advice from other people who understand this disease, none of my friends have anything even similar so even though they’re all sweet and understanding, they can never quite get it the way you guys can.