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What are you serving for the Super Bowl?

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  • What are you serving for the Super Bowl?

    Obviously not hot wings and beer. :-) Anyone have any other ideas? Pear slices? And maybe a dish of Prelief? Haha.

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    Lots of ideas: Chips and dip (simple avacado dips are fun and delicious) --- If you make a "hot" dip you could just do chicken wings and have them with a milder dip. Pretzels, little sandwiches, assorted cheeses with crackers, fruit skewers with IC friendly fruits, veggies and dip --- the possibilities are endless.

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      My SWEET SWEET neighbor who has kept SO up to date on how things are going with me and she made us a coconut cake that from looking at the recipe which she gave me, I think is pretty IC friendly!!! So I don't care what everybody else around here eats (which I feel sure will involve hot wings). But, I'm having CAKE!!! And I haven't really decided if I'm sharing, or not!! I could use the poundage anyway, lol !!!
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        Here's what my menu ended up being:

        Roasted veggie dip (recipe on this forum)
        Almond blondies
        Broiled cheese french bread slices (both from "A Taste of the Good Life"
        Potato chips
        Vanilla ice cream
        Veggie tray - carrots, broccoli, snap peas.
        Wheat thins

        And of course there is hot wings, salami, salsa, queso, beer for everyone else!


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          I'm making a pot roast


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            I know this is late, but I cooked pork chops/potatos and a veg for dinner and made a cake. Everyone in my family worked on Sunday so I had this and of course there was lots of left overs so we had it on Monday as well.
            My husband commented last night that since early last week till last night that I have cooked more than normal. I told him it probably was the cold weather and I wanted to do something to stay warm. Tonight they are having Spag. for dinner (instead of sauce (which I do make I also make a side of mushrooms/butter and put that on top of my dinner. Also make some rolls to go with it.