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  • Soy Flour

    is Soy flour a No? I am going to start the IC diet full on and Im looking at the bread in our bakery and supermarkets and they all state that they have soy flour?

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    Re: Soy Flour

    You may have better luck if you just look at breads that are baked on site. Soy flour is an irritant for many of us.

    I recently started baking bread for my family. I usually bake it one loaf at a time to avoid having it get moldy. Home made bread does grow mold within a very few days.

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      Re: Soy Flour

      I decided since I cant do yeast that I will just buy bread for hubby and I wont do bread


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        Re: Soy Flour

        I would avoid it. You can find other breads that don't have soy flour in them. :-)
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          Re: Soy Flour

          bread is something I have had a difficult time with. Basic white bread is the only bread I have been able to tolerate. I can't tolerate any of the other IC friendly flours especially whole wheat flour it just sets my bladder on fire.
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