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Alcohol or the mixers that do us in?

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  • Alcohol or the mixers that do us in?

    I really miss red wine. Really. Miss it.
    So, I'm on the lookout for another good beverage that won't kill me. And I've been wondering if most people are affected by the type of alcohol or by the mixers that are used?
    Please let me hear your thoughts/experiences.
    I can sometimes do sweet white wine, light beer is no problem, and I've had champagne once. Otherwise, I've been rather cautious.

    Thanks for sharing!!

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    Red wine is surprisingly one of the alcoholic beverages that most ICers can tolerate. Try a light Merlot or Cab. I can have a glass with no problems. You can take Prelief first if you are scared.
    Your Friend,

    Diagnosed: 10/16/09

    Elmiron, 100mg 2x per day
    Imipramine, 10 mg per day
    Diazepam 10 mg for sleep
    Zovia, birth control (ongoing-no periods)
    Hydrocodone, 2 pills a day (at any time of day)


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      I was not able to drink any wine at all, least of all a red wine. A vodka pear martini was the only thing I was able to drink with no problem. Vodka and tonic was also sometimes ok.


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        I will never go near red wine again! I used to drink it all of the time before I got IC and I think that is what caused my IC. I think I am allergic to sulfites and there are a lot of sulfites in wine. Red wine is also loaded with histimines and my IC is definitely related to too many histimines in my body-I have super skin sensitivities now and seem more allergic to things, etc. I found a product line made from Frey that is organic wine with no sulfites in it. That is worth a try, though I would try the white chardonnay because it probably has less histimines. Also, light beers like Corona are okay too. Finally, a good vodka like Grey Goose mixed with 100% pear juice is good as well. I would take four Prelief before consuming any alcoholic beverage though. And, if you are suffering with major symptoms, I wouldn't go near alcohol until you are virtually symptom free for a period of time.
        Current Medications:
        Amitriptyline (Elavil) 25mg 1X a day for pain and frequency; Tramadol HCL ER (Ultram ER) 200 mg 1X a day; Hydrocodone (Vicodin) 5-500mg as needed for pain; 1 mg Clanozapam (Klonopin) 3X per day for anxiety due to fear of flares and lack of sleep; Zyrtec 10mg 1X a day to keep histimine production low

        Other Helpful Daily Regimens:
        strict adherence to the IC Diet; stress management; exercise; positive thoughts; and prayer

        Failed Treatments:
        Oxybutynin (Ditropan) 5mg 3X a day, which caused dry skin/mouth and urinary retention

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        Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there.


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          Wow, thanks guys.
          I was thinking of making my own version of bailey's irish cream, without the real chocolate or coffee, but I'm just not sure...maybe I'll try baking it into something first.


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            Success! No flare from baking a yellow cake using this concoction for the water portion:
            Homemade Baileys Irish Cream Recipe

            1 C half and half
            14 oz sweetened condensed milk
            1 2/3 C Irish whiskey
            1 t cold pressed coffee, or whatever you can tolerate
            1 T imitation chocolate extract
            1 t vanilla

            And I spooned a bit over the cake, which soaked it up like a sponge, and used some with powdered sugar to make a thick drizzle frosting. Delish!
            I'm brave enough that tonight I'm having a finger-full in a glass over an ice cube. Ohhhh, a cure for my chocolate fix!
            Yes, my little bottle of imitation chocolate flavoring, you and I have a future together
            I say this with confidence, because the cake is long gone now...


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              ouch there are alot of ingredients in that recipe that would hurt my bladder. Glad it worked out for you!
              Daughter your faith has made you well,go in peace, and be healed of your disease.(Mark 5:34)

              Detrol:only took one pill and it made me sick
              Elmiron:caused horrible pain(took 1 week)
              CystaQ:caused alot of burning and pain(only took one pill)
              Wellbutrin:only on it for three days as it caused alot of bladder pain
              Elavil:Took one pill and it caused a flare that lasted almost two weeks. It was the longest flare I've ever had. Never again..ouch
              Prelief:made my bladder burn and feel tingly.

              Uracyst:Started May 19 2011
              Enablex:take one pill daily with no issues
              Naproxen:for pain as needed
              Baking Soda with water:as needed and it's a God send. It brings down my pain within 20 mins.
              Venofer: Started April 2012 by IV for low Iron. I do not tolerate oral Iron so this is the route I had to take.Does not bother my bladder but did have other side effects. I take Benedryl with each treatment to avoid side effects.
              Supplements:Whey Protein powder daily
              Dessert Harvest Aloe It has been helping alot but I can only take it every two days as my "die off" reaction has been severe.


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                I am with you Carole!
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                  I find that regular sprite as a mixer give me no trouble with any clear alcohol..I usually drink Vodka..


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                    I can have a small glass of white dessert wine occasionally without a problem. However, I'm currently on pain medications so that rules out wine for at least a while.

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                      Yes, dessert wines are good for me too..I love Moscato, but I find that the darker ones make me flare.


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                        Re: Alcohol or the mixers that do us in?

                        I also found that I cannot do any wine, maybe because it's aged so much and the ingredients in it? Whatever the reason I have AWFUL pain, but I can completely tolerate Vodka tonics minus any acidic lime or lemon slices, and I actually put water in mine a bit to water it down. 3 prelief and i'm having fun at a dinner party just like a 'normal' person!


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                          Re: Alcohol or the mixers that do us in?

                          Hey there! I SO miss red wine too. oh man. so much. but it def makes me flare. if I am doing well enough for alcohol I do white wines or a vodka/sprite. sometimes a blueberry martini if it's available. Prelief before.
                          Diagnosed with IC 2008 via in office cystoscopy and symptoms

                          Current treatments:
                          -At home rescue instillations as needed
                          - IC diet
                          - Meds for IC: Vistaril (I have tried a TON but discontinued all but the Vistaril)

                          Other diagnosis - Urethral Syndrome, Vulvodynia, PFD, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, Pudendal Neuralgia (Clitoral Branch)

                          Boston Scientific Spinal Cord Stimulator Implanted July 31, 2013


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                            Re: Alcohol or the mixers that do us in?

                            I rarely drink because I don't want to risk it. However occasionally I indulge.

                            Everything seems to bother me (causes burning), except from one thing - Gin and Tonic. That doesn't seem to cause much problems for me personally x
                            27 y.o mother of 2 in the UK.

                            Bladder problems since the age of 17. Recurrent UTI (thankfully none since the Dec 2012 UTI which triggered these symptoms off) and my GP strongly suspects IC, had ultrasound and awaiting diagnosis via cystoscopy and hydrodistention.

                            Symptoms are - painful bladder, frequency and urgency, bladder spasms, urethra pain "twinges", pelvic pain, pressure feeling in bladder.

                            Tried - Ditropan (did nothing but no side effects either - took for 4 months), Vesicare (didn't work - caused retention) Magnesium and Calcium (did nothing - took for 1 month).

                            Currently trying - Probiotics, PH balance, Cod Liver Oil and, D-Mannose before and after intercourse, ****** ********* method for reducing risk of UTI, Contraceptive Pill for my PCOS and cycle control. I mainly follow the IC diet and also elimination diet.


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                              Re: Alcohol or the mixers that do us in?

                              I know this post is kinda old, but thought I'd answer anyway. I can drink vodka, no problems at all, as long as my bladder feels Ok. I drink flavored vodka (coconut, blueberry) on ice with added water. I've always loved vodka, so I guess that was one thing in my diet that I didn't have to change!

                              I'm way too scared to try anything else. Found something I can have, so I'm sticking with it!
                              Diagnosed 1/7/14 via cysto/hydro

                              Current Treatment:
                              10 mg amitriptyline, DH Aloe Vera

                              Used During Flares:
                              Uribel, extra DH Aloe Vera, Klonopin and Tramadol (as needed)

                              Practicing bladder training and stress control (hot baths, pelvic stretching)
                              Recently tried PT, do not appear to have PFD

                              Things that have not helped in the past:
                              Oxybutynin, Vesicare, Pyridium, Myrbetriq, Vagifem

                              Also have migraines and IBS