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Sparkling water, yay or nay?

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  • Sparkling water, yay or nay?

    I LOVE sparkling water. I am addicted to it. Infact if I go to a bar and not drinking alcohol, it's a good alternative.

    Is sparkling water going to exacerbate the problem? I can't tell atm as I am in a constant IC flare for 3 weeks...
    Current Medications:

    25mg of Amitriptyline.
    I tried the vesicare and it SUCKS. ZERO improvement with Cephalexin.

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    I had mixed results with sparkling water. Some were ok and some were not. The must have varying amounts of citric acid etc. in them depending on the brand.


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      Anything carbonated I try to stay away from. I get really bloated and it seems to make my bladder feel swollen. You should just try it though, you might be just fine
      Diagnosed with IC in 2005, since then have been diagnosed with an unspecified autoimmune disease, with inflammation in my bladder, colon, left knee, left ear, left eye, lungs and pericardium. Argh!

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        anything carbonated may irritate your bladder. I only have something like that when I'm feeling really well and only a small amount. If you are in a flare right now I would stay away from it until I felt better then you can try a small amount. Good luck!
        Daughter your faith has made you well,go in peace, and be healed of your disease.(Mark 5:34)

        Detrol:only took one pill and it made me sick
        Elmiron:caused horrible pain(took 1 week)
        CystaQ:caused alot of burning and pain(only took one pill)
        Wellbutrin:only on it for three days as it caused alot of bladder pain
        Elavil:Took one pill and it caused a flare that lasted almost two weeks. It was the longest flare I've ever had. Never again..ouch
        Prelief:made my bladder burn and feel tingly.

        Uracyst:Started May 19 2011
        Enablex:take one pill daily with no issues
        Naproxen:for pain as needed
        Baking Soda with water:as needed and it's a God send. It brings down my pain within 20 mins.
        Venofer: Started April 2012 by IV for low Iron. I do not tolerate oral Iron so this is the route I had to take.Does not bother my bladder but did have other side effects. I take Benedryl with each treatment to avoid side effects.
        Supplements:Whey Protein powder daily
        Dessert Harvest Aloe It has been helping alot but I can only take it every two days as my "die off" reaction has been severe.