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Need a recommendation for SAFE alkaline high pH water please!!!!

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  • Need a recommendation for SAFE alkaline high pH water please!!!!

    Has anyone else tried GLACIER ISLE alkaline spring water 8.88 pH? I found it at RiteAid and only bought one 1 Liter bottle.

    The reason I ask is I caused a terrible flare by drinking SMARTWATER. Even though I've been diagnosed with IC since 2001, I HAD NO CLUE about low pH or electrolytes irritating my bladder that severely.

    It became so bad I had bladder instills every week and then my urethra and pelvic floor started to spasm after a month of instills. Then I had the God awful urethral dilation.

    It just snowballed. I became so disabled I didn't leave my house for almost 2 months!! Because I found out too little too late about the SMARTWATER I had already been drinking a Liter a day for months!!

    I became afraid to eat or drink and actually developed a phobia because I was so scared. I lost 22 pounds in a month and a half from barely eating and drinking.

    So to say I'm very cautious is an extreme understatement!!

    An IC sister told me about alkaline water and so I am cautiously drinking small amounts at a time.

    Even the bottle is supposed to be BPH free and no additives or minerals that I can see on the label.

    Any info or experiences would be greatly appreciated. it's taken months to even begin to eat a little more. Last thing I need is another water related flare!!

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    Re: Need a recommendation for SAFE alkaline high pH water please!!!!

    I do not know about Glacier Isle but I do drink Essentia, high PH water and found it very soothing. I also drink a small amount of baking soda in water whenever I am having bladder problems.


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      Re: Need a recommendation for SAFE alkaline high pH water please!!!!

      We live in the country and have a deep well and we don't add any chemicals so I am able to drink tap water at home. When away, I stick with plain mountain spring water with a label that states clearly that there are no additives --- and I purchase whatever is on sale.

      Stay safe

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        Re: Need a recommendation for SAFE alkaline high pH water please!!!!

        Thanks ladies. I may need to try the essentia. Something is causing my bladder to flare and I barely eat.

        Now I'm reading too high a ph could be just as bad as too low. I need to drink something and have run out of water options. I'm afraid to drink the pur filtered tap water and just tap water.

        I haven't even eaten today and drank just a little Walmart brand "drinking water" (I'm out of the glacier isle) and I'm still miserable. I can tell my pain level is getting higher.

        I tend to take benadryl and a vistaril, I have very high anxiety and OTC AZO. The marshmallow root pills seem to help me a little. I also take advil liqui gels. I can't tolerate narcotic pain meds. I HAVE A LOT of autoimmune diseases and conditions in general.

        I am not working, since I'm fighting for disability, so the water or meds have to be covered through medicaid or food stamps. I can't afford the supplements mentioned and sold on the ICN shop.

        The pain and discomfort are causing me to become more disabled again. My last huge flare from SMARTWATER left me bed ridden for 2 months!!

        I'm getting discouraged because i was starting to get a little better. The last thing I want to do is get anymore bladder instills. It caused my pelvic floor and urethra to start spasming. i can't win.

        I'm so weak from barely eating and drinking. It's all I can do to get to my dr. Appointments.

        I have pelvic floor physical therapy every week and I'm supposed to go tomorrow. These set backs make it hard for me to get the treatments I really need.


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          Re: Need a recommendation for SAFE alkaline high pH water please!!!!

          Have you tried drinking a little baking soda in water? That has helped me in the past. Hope you find some relief soon. Jo Ann


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            Re: Need a recommendation for SAFE alkaline high pH water please!!!!

            Just wanted to put out there that alkaline water and/or using too much baking soda in water can eventually backfire as the body tries to compensate for the extra high pH. Here is a blog article that I wrote that explains this problem:
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