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Blueberry Smoothie

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  • Blueberry Smoothie

    So I recently started experimenting with smoothie ideas that don't have a ton of ingredients and came up with this:
    -fresh or frozen blueberries
    -coconut water
    -ice cubes
    -apples (or pears if you can't tolerate apples)
    And there you go! I usually will make this in the morning before I go to class or when I get home for a little pick me up

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    Re: Blueberry Smoothie

    That's a good combo.
    I can tolerate papaya so I usually make papaya, apple and banana but just with water since I can't tolerate yogurt that well. I've never tried it with coconut water because even fresh coconut water makes my frequency go up.
    I also make a very yummy smoothie using
    Almond milk, carob powder, banana and peanut butter. It tastes great


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      Re: Blueberry Smoothie

      Oooh I've never thought to try papaya! That does sound really good.. I think I'll try your peanut butter smoothie idea too that sounds like a yummy dessert