4 mini-pumpkins with stems
4 oz garlic-herb cream cheese(IC friendly)
4 oz plain cream cheese
1 egg
4 leaves sage or bay(if can tolerate)
Place the pumpkins on a tray in a steamer, bring to the boil and steam for one hour. Remove and allow to cool until they can be handled. Combine both kinds of cheese and egg, mix well. Carefully cut the tops off of the pumpkins, cutting at an angle so the tops can be replaced. Very carefully clean the seeds and membranes from inside the pumpkin, leaving as much of the flesh as possible. Spoon the cheese into the pumpkins, smoothing the top. Return pumpkins to the steamer WITHOUT their tops. Bring to a boil and steam for 30 minutes. Place on a platter, put a bay or sage leaf on each pumpkin and replace the lid. Decorate the platter with greens, fall leaves, holly, whatever strikes your fancy. Serve. Note: Store flavored brands may be too salty, try to make your own add roasted garlic to the cheese and whatever herbs and spices you prefer. This can also be made with a sweet filling, blend the cheese with maple syrup or brown sugar. Excellent!