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Decaf tea?

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  • Decaf tea?

    I can't see anywhere on the diet sheets about English breakfast tea if it is decaffeinated. Can anyone tell me if it's generally ok? Thanks

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    Re: Decaf tea?

    feedback seems to be that no, it's not.
    as you are just figuring this out, a lot of people do well going for a completely clean diet for starters--protein, veg, fruit that are safest (but again experiment--some apples ok for some, others can have none--so nothing clear!)
    safe fats

    then once things die down a bit, build up dairy, grains, sugar, beans / legumes (all inflammatory) to see if they affect you

    drinks chamomile / mint ok for some, i like fennel seeds in hot water (only safe one for me as yet!)...or just hot water for a bit

    it seems tough, but the really strict bit is short!


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      Re: Decaf tea?

      All I know of English breakfast tea is that it's a combination of several black teas. Keep in mind that coffee and tea are on the "avoid" list due to the caffeine and the acid. I didn't know for the longest time that it's the acid in coffee that contributes to the taste. I'm assuming the same may also be true for tea. To play if safe, you might want to stick to herbal teas with safe ingredients, i.e., chamomile, peppermint, etc. Or... you could be adventurous and try the decaffeinated English breakfast tea, knowing before you drink it... that it may set your bladder on its ear!
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        Re: Decaf tea?

        It isn't just the caffeine in tea that can be a problem; "real" tea is acid, which can also be irritating. I suggest sticking with herbal tea --- and read the labels.

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          Re: Decaf tea?

          Decaffinated tea is just as bad because as i understand it they use a chemical anyway to take out caffeine and there is still always some left.
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            Re: Decaf tea?