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  • TEECCINO-yay!

    I quit coffee 2 weeks ago-it wasn't pretty.But the pain relief was obvious,so- I broke up with coffee.Based on recommendations here,I have tried Rooibos tea (tastes like sticks),chamomile (tastes like sweet sticks),& peppermint tea makes me burn.So,I remembered that the Teeccino company is based in my little town.I called them & then dropped by to purchase some to try.I am in love! There are 2 versions-regular Teeccino & their Dandelion version (which is gluten free). There are several flavors-Dark Roast,French Roast,Almond Amaretto,French Vanilla Dark Roast,Dandelion Carmel Nut.There are 2 mocha flavors too,but they contain a small amount of cacao,and a "Boutique Pumpkin Spice". I tried the mocha flavors & had no problem.Today I brought home the pumpkin spice to try. The dandelion based ones taste a bit more coffee like,but I like them all.And it's so nice to have some variety.I especially love it with hot or frothed milk! I bought the Tea bag version -super convenient for our upcoming vacation.But I think I will switch to the Teeccino that they sell ground in a bag like coffee & buy a French press to get the most yumminess out of it.A hot cup of happy for me!

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    Re: TEECCINO-yay!

    I also found some teas at World Market."English Tea Shop" Chamomile Lavender. (Not sure lavender added flavor,but the tea bags could be used to scent your lingerie drawer-very lavender).The Republic of Tea Good Hope Vanilla(Rooibos based). Meh-but does smell like vanilla.And "Zhena's Lavender Lemonade" tea. Rooibos based with lemon myrtle,lavender flower and honey bush.Another meh for me...but maybe all these fragrant teas would appeal more to others.I need to try the pumpkin spice tea sold here.


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      Re: TEECCINO-yay!

      Glad you are doing well with this and enjoying it. You are lucky to have a store right near you. It has been hard for me to find very many flavors where I am. I asked at one of our local health food stores if they ever got more flavors. She didn't know there were more favors...I was always known as a coffee connoisseur before all this, so the giving up of coffee has been one of the many devastating aspects of this whole ordeal. I have been trying to expand on my hot drinks, but I just tend to get discouraged. The French press sounds like a good idea. I guess I will try to get some Teecino online. Thanks for the flavor ideas!


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        Re: TEECCINO-yay!

        I believe you can order from the Teeccino company directly-or at least go to their website to see their full line of flavors.I told them that they should advertise here-they didn't know about IC & how coffee is a problem for many of us-but they do now.They also make a TeeChia blueberry cereal product that I bought too.I like it- it is tasty and also good nutritional value-(none of us will be trying the cranberry TeeChia though!)


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          Re: TEECCINO-yay!

          My local grocery store carries Teecino in the natural foods section.

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