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Easy 100% IC Friendly Tacos!

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  • Easy 100% IC Friendly Tacos!

    So I’ll admit I borrowed this recipe mostly from the IC Girl website, but i did tweak and simplify it a bit. I’m a busy college student who used to adore mexican food so these are perfect for me!

    Meat Ingredients
    1lb of beef
    2 or 3 tsp Garlic Powder
    1 tsp Chives (fresh or dried, but i like fresh)
    1 tsp Cilantro if tolerated
    2 tsp Oregano
    Black pepper if tolerated, to taste
    Salt, to taste

    Ripe avacado, mashed with salt
    sweet red bell peppers
    sour cream if tolerated
    cheese or whatever else you
    want, as long as it’s IC safe!
    Torillas or Hard Shells

    P.S. (don’t worry about the “limed flour” in corn tortillas. it’s not citrus, but a name for calcium hydroxide, an alkaline substance added to the water to help shell the corn kernels used to make corn tortillas~ shouldn’t bother you!)


    1. Brown the beef and drain if desired. Then add enough water to keep it moist.

    2. Mix all the spices together and add those just like you would a taco seasoning packet! I really just season to taste, I honestly don’t follow the same recipe every time so i would just play around with it!

    3. Stir well and let simmer about 5 minutes.

    3. Assemble tacos with your favorite ic friendly toppings and enjoy!!

    P.P.S. The meat is not extremely spicy, and certainly does not taste identical to normal tacos, but for someone who hasn’t had mexican food in over a year, they were good enough!!
    Also, here is the link to the full recipe on IC Girl~ I didn’t feel like preparing or buying all those ingredients, but I may try the full recipe one day!

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    Re: Easy 100% IC Friendly Tacos!

    Mexican food has been a tough one to let go for sure. Especially salsa! Total bummer.
    Mexican and Chinese are my favorites but sadly both are heavily seasoned. To most people I am sure the way I make tacos would be super bland since I do not use taco seasoning anymore and instead use ingredients similar to what is above. I have found that since I've eliminated so much from my diet that I don't need a lot of spices in a dish and that I can no longer do hot foods like I used to as it will just totally burn my mouth. Used to love spicy stuff.