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RECIPE: Watermelon-Red Pepper Pizza Sauce

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  • RECIPE: Watermelon-Red Pepper Pizza Sauce

    Still working on developing a no-mato sauce recipe that can fool me and my wife. I've tried many of the ones online and find the beets give it a cloying sweetness that I don't love; must be my upbringing with a russian grandfather that made us eat borsht--blecchhh!

    So, I reached out to Harold McGee, a renowned food scientist and author, who suggested trying watermelon:
    "You might try cooking down fresh red watermelon, which has the same red pigment and develops a similar aroma on cooking (though admittedly with a squash-like overtone from being in that family), maybe in combination with red bell peppers (different pigment but same family as tomato)."

    Success! Well, not completely, but I think it's getting closer and closer. Still a little sweet, but pretty darn tasty. The sauteed mushrooms and green onions give it some depth of flavor that works well on the pizza.

    Maybe next time try 1 part watermelon to 2 parts red pepper...

    Watermelon-Pepper Pizza Sauce

    (2) lbs. watermelon chunks, pureed in processor
    (4 lbs w/ rind)
    - simmered until thickened, about 90 minutes
    - reduced down to 6 oz. (wt.)

    (3) mixed bell peppers (red, yellow, orange)
    - tossed with oil and roasted at 350° until soft, about 45 min
    - placed in bowl with plastic wrap for 15 min to remove skins
    - pureed, resulting in about 6 oz. (wt.)

    Mixed both purees, then added pizza spices.

    For Marinara Pizza Sauce:
    - added:
    - 1.5 tsp dried parsley
    - 1 tsp dried basil
    - .5 tsp dried oregano
    - .25 tsp dried thyme
    - 1/8 tsp black pepper
    - 2 TB olive oil
    - 1 TB garlic powder
    - 1.25 tsp salt

    Other ingredients:
    (8) oz. mushrooms
    (3-6) green onions
    Chopped and sauteed in pan until brown, about 7-9 min.

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    Wow, that is a combination that would never have occurred to me! Thank you for sharing the recipe

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      Now that sounds pretty wild!
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        That sounds great! I wonder if there are any herbs that would make the sweetness less noticeable?
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