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  • Spinach

    Is spinach an irritant for anyone?

    I’ve been on my own twist of the autoimmune paleo protocol and GAPS diet for the last 3 weeks after a horrible flare coming after two months of being pain free. Basically a much more rigorous IC diet. Just veggies and meats a lot of bone broth. I’ve done this before when I was dx with IBS. Zero fruit or legume nuts or seeds or dairy or grains and only drinking water and sometime camomile or mint tea. It is zero fun but I refuse to live in pain or on toxic medication all my life. I’ve seen about a 30-50% reduction in pain. Pain everyday still but much more tolerable some days not as much.

    I’ve been making a green juice/smoothie for myself for breakfast daily. Everyday with a bit of spinach. Well yesterday I ran out of kale so I used ALOT of spinach. I have been in jury duty all week (joy) so I’ve been sure not to cheat as I can’t be sitting in pain all day. I work in an office setting but live on my heating pad at work, obviously can’t do that on the jurors bench. I was in so much pain the entire morning that on our lunch break I ran to the local pharmacy to grab some disposable heating pads and put in my underwear. It’s so sad that when you’re being SO good that you can still find more foods you can’t have. Though I’m not totally sure it is the spinach which is why I would love to hear from others on this.

    Thank you

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    Re: Spinach

    It’s the oxolates. They bother me too.


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      Re: Spinach

      to the IC Network.

      I suggest you have a look at the IC diet information at the link in my signature below and compare it with the diet plans you are currently following.

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        Re: Spinach

        Took the spinach out of my smoothies and WOW big difference. Now I know to also stay away from high oxalate foods. Just add it to the list !


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          Re: Spinach

          It’s kind of hard to be on the low oxolate diet because a lot of the healthy foods that I am able to eat are on the ic friendly list but since they are high in oxolates they aren’t very friendly at all!

          It’s enough to make a person go bonkers. Low oxolate, low histamine and ic not so friendly. Leaves a restricted and not very healthy diet.

          When you look at an oxolate chart - spinach is way up there at the top and I used to enjoy a fresh spinach salad every day at work but alas, no more.

          Glad you figured that out.