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    I just wanted to write that Prelief gives me terrible intestinal upset and diarrhea due to the magnesium in it, so I never use it. I can't tolerate any magnesium. However, I can take TUMS and it does help, and does the same thing Prelief does, which is reduce acid. I need to be careful, though, and not use more than 2000 mg of it in a day because it too will give me the same problems. I guess I'm very sensitive to pH. I have found that if I chew 1000 mg of TUMS along with my morning tea, my bladder can tolerate the tea.

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    Have you considered drinking an herbal tea? I can't tolerate regular tea, no matter what I take with it.

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      Yeah, I know, regular tea is bad! There is no getting around that. My goal isn't just to be able to tolerate tea, but to have something to fall back on to soften the blow on my bladder when I'm flaring, no matter what I'm ingesting.


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        Dear dminton:

        I just wanted to clarify that each Prelief tablet contains 65 mg of elemental calcium as calcium glycerophosphate and less than 1 mg of magnesium stearate as a processing aid.

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          Hmmmmm, maybe it's the type of calcium I react to or the degree to which it works to change the pH and not the magnesium. I know it helps lots of people. I'm just sensitive to many things. Too many TUMS or too much baking soda does the same sort of thing.


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            The prelief made me constipated actually.