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  • Is IC heredity

    I received word that my son is having blood in his urine and is being sent to a urologist. Could IC at all be hereditary?

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    Im the first in my family to be diagnosed with ic.although my mom also had to have a hysterectomy 1 year to the month after I had mine.She also had to have her bladder dropped I cant think of the name of the procedure at the moment. We both had SIMILAR problems but in answer to your question no my mom doesnt have ic nor does anyone else in my family


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      When I was diagnosed with eosinophilic cystitis I was stunned. My brother has it as well. So who knows for sure?

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        It probably hasn't been researched enough. But my mom has had problems before w/uti's, but never has been diagnosed w/IC.
        I do have a cousin who was diagnosed with IC two years after I was.
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          I agree about the fact that it may not have been researched enough. I don't know one way or the other. I do know that my daughter does exhibit some symptoms at times that make me wonder but it could also be other things.

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            I think Ic is hereditary, my Mom and I both have IC the Drs. said it was coincidence but i don't believe it, i have read so many cases of mothers and daughters with ic or siblings with ic, who knows for sure, just my opinion.


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              I'm adopted so I don't know my past history. I'm beginning to feel more and more that I should find out. My one daughter seems to exhibit signs that point to she might have a problem and it upsets me very much - expecially since I have three girls.
              I posted this same post awhile ago and was written back by a bunch of people that it wasn't heriditary. This post has changed my mind again.



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                Check out this research study:


                Initial findings seem to indicate genetic susceptibility. This, of course, needs to be investigated further, as a sample of 8 twins isn't large enough to say definitively that it is genetic.

                My personal opinion is that there is some component to this disease which is genetic. Perhaps the disease itself is not, but something in our bladders is weakened and can be triggered by certain circumstances. We can only speculate. But one thing I do know: my mom, two sisters and an aunt all have bladder problems to varying degrees....and my great grandmother had a lot of bladder problems. I recently got my hands on her diary from the year 1965. She was very old by then but had been suffering with bladder symptoms for quite a while. She made various entries in your diary throughout that year about bladder symptoms and her doctors not being able to figure it out, or find meds that would help. My uro found this particularly interesting when I shared it with him recently.

                It will be interesting to see what they find out about this disease, in the end. Hang in there, everyone!

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                  Melanie-thanks for the link! Very interesting article.

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                    I'm not really sure. Both my mom and I have been diagnosed with IC, and both of our urologists say it's a coincidence. It's hard to say, because even though my mom and I both have it, the vast majority of ICers that I talk to have family members (parents, siblings, kids, etc.) with perfectly healthy bladders.

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