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  • question about prelief

    Does anyone know how long after you take prelief will it work on the food in your stomach. I always take it when I have alcohol when we are out to dinner. I am wondering if I take it with my drink before dinner comes. Do I need to take more when the dinner comes or should the two I take when we sit down cover the whole meal. Seems silly, but I do get constipated when I take too much of it, so I want to take as little as possible. Thanks in advance!

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    I can't speak for everyone, but I take Prelief immediately before I eat or drink anything I think might be a problem. And if I am having an alcoholic beverage, I'm very careful about what I eat for the meal so I won't eat anything that might cause irritation. I sometimes take up to four Prelief at a time. I also have the granules and they can be sprinkled on food.

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      Hi Melissa:

      We recommend taking at least 2 tablets with every meal, snack, or beverage. If you take 2 tablets with your wine at the beginning of the meal, depending on your intolerance and the acid content of the meal, it may be sufficient. However, like Donna, many IC patients will require 3 or 4 tablets. Also, if the meal lasts longer than 30 minutes, your stomach will empty and you will need additional Prelief tablets.

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        Does Prelief offer any relief from the burning associated with vulvodynia? Has it been known to do anything for those symptoms?



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          Dear Colleen:

          I have heard from some vulvodynia patients who are using Prelief successfully. I can only suggest that you try it.

          Our recommended dosage is to take at least two Prelief tablets with every meal, snack and beverage (you may not know if something is acidic and also, something could be mildly acidic, but still be enough to bother you).

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            Prelief is a great product but is so constipating that I don't take it unless I have too.
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              You were right. Prelief seems to take away much of the burning from my vulvodynia. I notice when I don't take it, the burning is worse, but when I take the prelief before each meal, it's much, much less.