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what foods does prelief help with?

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  • what foods does prelief help with?

    Does prelief help us eat foods that cause flares, other than the obvious acidic foods? How about frozen yogurt or regular yogurt? I've taken 3 tablets with a cup of coffee and still had a flare. Should I try more tablets, or just give up?

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    I don't think I could take enough Prelief of anything else to drink coffee. I stay with bottled water. I did have good luck with red clover tea.

    For me Prelief could never help me eat acid foods. I frequently need it with the none acid ones, too. What you don't count on is that the supposed harmless foods may have ingredients that irritate (and are not listed on the label.) Some many food items don't tell you on the label how that item is processed. For example all oils except the unrefined excessor pressed use solvents in processing, and that gives trace chemicals that irritate IC. :o :eek:


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      I noticed you asked about yogurt. I am okay with small amounts of the vanilla frozen but not any of the regular, non-frozen yogurts. Watch out for the flavors, the type of sugar, and preservatives. Pure cane sugar is only sugar that I can tolerate. Unless a product in labeled cane sugar, it them probably has beet sugar. Beet sugar sends me into a tail spin, as does fructose (it is made from corn which is acid). Forget about the artificial sweeteners, they are bad news and are on our "avoid" diet.


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        I can eat chocolate 98% of the time with prelief and some fruit (not acidic ones).
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          I stopped eating yogurt when I found out that a food coloring in my favorite brand, Dannon, carmine, is made from crushed Mexican bugs. Yuk! This is not a joke. Check on carmine food color on the net. I think a lot of Dannon fans would be upset if they knew about this. I found out about it while watching a news show. It is also used to color some bottled fruit juices. |Always check those labels. And you thought only people on survivor and fear factor ate bugs. I can hear the gagging from here. LOL


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            Hmmmm .... interesting information ....

            I use Prelief granules in coffee and can have one cup in the morning. I tried a second cup last week and it was a mistake!

            If I take Prelief I can have things like a ripe apple, peeled, or some loganberries.

            For artificial sweetener, I use Splenda. It doesn't seem to cause me a problem.

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              Prelief neutralizes the acid in acidic foods and beverages. You can try taking Prelief with yogurt which is acidic.

              We recommend taking 2 Prelief tablets with every meal, snack, or beverage. Because tolerance to food varies greatly as does the acid content of food you may find that you need to use more tablets then the recommended amount. As far as the cup of coffee, we feel that 3 tablets should be sufficient.

              Hope this is helpful.....

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                Does Prelief help with tofu or food cooked with Soy Sauce? Appreciate any input.



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                  Soy sauce is acidic and Prelief should help. We recommend taking 2 Prelief tablets with every meal, snack or beverage. (If the meal is very acidic, you may need to take more tablets.)

                  For additional information on Prelief, please call 1-800-994-4711. AkPharma is a proud sponsor of the IC Network Message Board.


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                    Thanks for the information.