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pyridium, the purple pill !!

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  • pyridium, the purple pill !!

    Has any one else had a bad reaction from AZO,or Pyridium?

    I have taken it off and on for almost fifteen years and no problem...Till last night, when I felt a flare coming on...took One pill and BOY oh BOY after about twenty ,minutes my stomach in the bladder area extended out,,also very painful and tight I might add, nausia,urgency of bladder and bowl and a slight low grade fever....
    As long as my urine was orange this continued...then when the urine was normal color after it wore off. I was find...

    Let me know of your reactions.


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    You might have had a reaction to the dye used in the medication. I really don't like using AZO or pyridium, although I know it helps for some people. For me, the dye sometimes causes more burning and I have felt kind of sick if I took it on an empty stomach.

    My doctor prescribes Urised for me. It turns your urine blue-green but I prefer it to the pryridium because I don't have those side effects.

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