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Tamer products VS Prelief?

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  • Tamer products VS Prelief?

    After my potassium test, my Uro gave me samples of prelief and coffee tamer (mix it right in with your coffee) and tummy tamer. (food tamer) Said that studies show that tummy tamer works much better than prelief. It reduces bladder and lower abdomen, and frequency and urgency. They also gave me an order form as well as my samples of tamer products. And theres a website. ( I havn't tried either products, yet. I just thought I'd share!

    (From ICN Mgr Jill - We've never seen any published studies that compare Prelief & Tamer. I think that this reflects, far more, the individual nature of IC. I've talked with many hundreds of patients who have had relief from Prelief. And, I've also talked with a few patients who had a good response from Tamer. In either case, the great news is that you do have two options that you can explore to help make diet more tolerable!)
    ~*Miss Morgie*~

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    Hello Morgan:

    Thank you for the information I will check out the site. Does it mix well, I find the Prelief granules stick to the side of the cup.

    God bless, Yvonne


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      Hey - I havn't used it, yet, but the coffe tamer granules SEEM finer than Prelief.
      ~*Miss Morgie*~


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        I've found that if I let my coffee cool just a tiny bit, the Prelief granules dissolve readily. I prefer the Prelief.

        I also have Prelief tablets to take when I'm away from home.

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          Thanks, Donna! It's good to hear from someone who has an opinion! I'm not knocking Prelief - just curious about both products!
          ~*Miss Morgie*~


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            I went to the Website you mentioned and found a phone number. I called the phone number and spoke to a representative.

            He is going to send me some free samples of food tamer. I also signed up for their free news letter. My understanding is that they are coming out with a new product in January specifically for IC patients.

            I'll try the product and let you know how it works. I am assuming you can email them (thier email address is on their web page) and sign up for the news letter.