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Can it just stop working?

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  • Can it just stop working?

    Hi you guys and gals:

    Has anyone ever had the experience where Prelief seemed to be working well, and then the benefits stopped all of a sudden? The reason I ask is because I thought I had found some relief of my symptoms since I began taking Prelief religiously a few months ago. It was my Godsend. Now, all of a sudden, nothing, nada, zip...I feel like I'm back to square one. Any ideas? Maybe I've built up a tolerance and need to take more? That seems strange though because it's not a drug. Please help!

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    I was wondering that too cause I have started it about a month ago and it seems to be helping alot but I hope it continues. Carol

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      The reason we re helped by Prelief is that it helps neutralize the acid in food. What I find is that if I decide I can have anything I want with Prelief I pay for it. However, thanks to Prelief I can have a cup of coffee in the morning --- and even a small serving of fresh strawberries once in a while.

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        Unfortunately, Prlief causes severe urgency for me. I wish I had an explanation for you as to why you are not getting continued relief from it.I hope you find something that works just as well.

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          Hi I have also been taking prelief for about 2 months. It has been helping,(its better then taking the stuff that turns your urine colors) but I do notice that if I'm sticking with the diet. I still will have some symptoms. Good luck.


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            Hi Sara,

            I was just thinking reading your post, it's possible that the preleif was never the cause as to why you were feeling better - it might have been other reasons, such as a mini-remission?
            For myself, Preleif did nothing so I tried something else I read in "A Taste Of The Good Life" - by Bev Laumann, who also got better results from the other brand. It helped much more and I have heard others say the same.
            Dunno, just thought I'd throw this out there and give you something else to think of trying!

            Wish you feel better soon Sara!