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  • urocit-k

    My Doctor just put me on Urocit-k along with Elmiron...
    Anyone else on Urocit-k?
    What successes are you getting with Urocit-k or down sides.

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    I'm not on it, but curious to know how you do. It seems to make a lot of sense. Please keep us posted.


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      I have been on this product for less than a week and I already see QUITE an improvement. I used to go to the bathroom about four times a I just go once or twice..YEA!!

      It neutralizes the acid in your urine.....


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        At my uro's advice, I took 2000 mg of urocit K a day for my IC and found that because it was so alkaline it upset the natural acid/alkaline in my vagina, causing me to have burning issues pretty much 24 hours a day for months. I stopped it and the burning went away.


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          I was just put on urocit-k today--liquid--2 tablespoons mixed with 8 oz water or juice--nasty tasting stuff--I also bought urine test strips--to measure my acid--mine so far has tested dangerously high for acid--I have been using prelief 8 pills a day--thought that would make a difference--anyways--this urocit-k is nasty tasting --I know its supposed to take acid out of urine and make it more alkline--doc wants me to try for a week and see if there is a difference--im disapponited that prelief didnt do what it claims to do--perhaps im mistaken--thanks --Cathy--oh yes--I follow the IC diet--no tomatoes, no cranberry--nothing acidic--beets me??????


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            alkalizing urine

            I used to take a LOT of prelief. It helped me eat a lot of additional foods but it upset the vaginal ph and I got chronic yeast infections. Now I am using a boric acid douche so that I don't have to worry about alkalizing my urine. I think I'll check into the urocit.

            I use ph urine test strips every day and there is a defininte correlation between acidity and pain.

            I have found that one dairy product at each meal alkalizes my urine.