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Prelief lets you eat again!!!

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  • Prelief lets you eat again!!!

    My doctor suggested that I try Prelief to help with both my IC and my IBS, and I am amazed...I can eat what I want again!!! I have been so frustrated with the diet restrictions, especially because I am a vegetarian. I thought I was going to starve to death with all the things on the list to stay away from, but for the last week I have been taking Prelief with everything I eat, and have had no problems. I have eaten things that normally would put me in the fetal position for 4 or 5 days, and had no pain. I am truly impressed with how this stuff works. It takes the acid out of the foods and medications too. It is so wonderful to be able to eat things like tomatoes and peaches and COFFEE again. All I can say is WOW at the results and suggest to anyone who has IC, IBS or chronic heartburn, indigestion to try it. It is amazing.

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    Hi Rockamo,
    I don't go anywhere without my prelief!! I agree it is wonderful! I still have to avoid alot of foods but Prelief has helped.
    If you take neurontin wait 2 hours before taking prelief. It won't hurt you--it just says on neurontin not to take with antacids. I am assuming it makes the neurontin not as effective and for those of us on neurontin---we don't want anything to keep it from working properly!


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      It is great to hear the good news about prelief. Do you take the powder or tablets?



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        Hi Rockamo,
        I am also interested in more info on how you are taking the Prelief. I am wondering if you use the tablets and/or the powder form.
        Do you use it just before you eat anything?
        If you are using the tablets, how many do you take at a time? I am glad it is working so well for you. I do use it but only occasionally so I think I will start taking it more often. Thanks for giving us this information.


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          Hi Lorie & Louise:
          I use the Prelief tablets with my first drink or bite of food. I usually take 2 tablets since my system is very very sensitive. So much so that if I eat something acidic, not only does it cause an IC flare-up, but I also get a burning sensation in my mouth accompanied by blisters on my lips and tongue. The Prelief has been a lifesaver. I use it with everything, even if it is something that is not on the list of foods to be careful with just to make sure that I don't end up in pain. I still have mild pain sometimes, but it is so much better than it was that most of the time I can just ignore it and get on with my life.


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            Rockamo: You're the only other person I've
            heard from who has the same reaction to acid foods that I do. I get that same sore tongue reaction you do when I eat acid foods, tomatoes give me "acid sores" which
            are like cold sores. Prelief is hard to find in my area, but I went right to their website and found I can get it cheaper and in large bottles by ordering direct. I've tried it before but not with things like tomato sauce or coffee. I would settle for being able to eat just half of things I used to be able to eat! I feel like I have doomed my husband to lifetime bland and uninspired cooking, maybe prelief will help us to compromise on recipes.


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              I use Prelief also. I keep some pills in my purse, but at home I usually use the granules. I have been using the granules in a cup of morning coffee for months now with no problem.

              I have been ordering via the internet. I know you have to pay to have it mailed, but for me it's really convenient.

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