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  • ? about prelief

    I have noticed that after been taking Prelief my urine has a funny odor. Is this normal?
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    Hi Aim,
    I did take prelief for about 3weeks but did not remember any oder from it. Everyone is different though. It could be something you ate that caused the oder and not the prelief. Sorry I could not help you more.
    A Christian Surviving IC,

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      I bought Prelief after coming here Saturday!
      I made Zita Pasta and I took two pills before I ate and I waited for the burning to start! It didn't start!

      Sunday morning I decided to have a little glass of orange juice with my breakfast (I haven't had orange juice for years) so I took 2 pills and enjoyed the orange juice! I started to clear the table and I had the urge to go potty and I went into the bathroom, I think my claw marks are still there! OMG it lit me on fire and lord I'll never try that again! Been suffering every since!


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        Hi Sassy sounds like that orange juice came back and got you. I know I take prelief with some things that are a no no, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Yesterday I tried a home grown tomato, thought they were less acidic than store bought, no such luck will not do that again. Hope you are feeling better, take care, stay away from the orange juice, Iris hi toilet
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          Because tolerance to food varies greatly as does the acid content of food, you may find that you need to use more than the recommended 2 Prelief tablets.
          Tomatoes are quite acidic and orange juice even more so. Orange juice is also very resistant to change and both may require at least 3 or 4 tablets.

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            I am new here with my diagnosis and trying to find
            and try all new things to help with the pain. I
            read about the prelief and I have been using it and it works well for my ic. I have not had a
            flare-up yet! But, I have noticed that I am
            getting yeast infections. I read in the medical
            book that your body has natural acid in it and if
            there is a problem with the balance of the acid
            it will cause a yeast infection. Has anyone else
            experienced this? I am not taking very many
            Prelief in a day so I am not sure the problem.
            Please post if you can relate. Thanks.


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              Diagnosed 5 days ago. Took Prelief, at a half of a blueberry muffin, threw up the whole thing in 30 minutes. The other half of the muffin went to a gal I worked with who felt fine, so it wasn't the muffin. Has this ever happened to anyone else??

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                Hi and welcome to the boards, sounds like a bummer with the Prelief and the muffin. I must admit I have never had that trouble with Prelief, with some of the pain meds they tried me on when I was first diagnosed, I upchucked, but not with the Prelief. Hope you can find something that will help you, keep us posted and welcome once again, this is a great place for support and information, take care Iris hi hat
                Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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                  when I first started taking Prelief, I did get an oder when I urined. I didnt know what it was. I haven't been taking in very much..since I been watching my diet, so it the oder left it not there often anymore.