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  • Prelief and coffee or soda

    I've read several times lately that some of you can have coffee or another food or drink with prelief. The coffee is what gets me. Maybe I'm more sensitive to coffee than others. I decided to try soda (rootbeer) tonight with 2 Prelief and some water too (to dilute it). So now I don't feel terrible, but I definitely have some symptoms (urgency) that I don't usually have. I'm pretty sure that they will go away by morning, but I just want to know, when you have that morning coffee with Prelief, does it get rid of ALL of your symptoms? OR do you get a little symptomatic like me? I take Elmiron too, and I'm doing really well, but when I get like this, I'm afraid it won't go away again.

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    For me, sometimes its not so much the caffiene as it is the acid in the coffee and its strength.

    I do fine with Dunkin Donuts regular caffinated coffee, while Starbucks decaf is just too strong and too acidic for me.....causing that horrible frequency (and urgency soemtimes)

    Now I don't take prelief with my coffee...I myself think I would do pretty well with a spoonful of baking soda with water...prelief just doesn't seem work that well for me. Even things like Tums and rolaids don't work fo me either (for heartburn). I wish they did tho -- the baking soda works great...but its NASTY and the sodium is so high.

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      It seems for me, that if I am flaring at all, the prelief doesn't help as much with the coffee. Also, I took prelief with regular coffee and it didn't help totally, so I starting drinking instant coffee and mixing it with 1/2 parts water and 1/2 cup milk, and having the milk in there and then taking the prelief with it seems to help. But, again, if I am in a flare, I try to stay away from it all together because I know I am more sensitive to everything when in a flare! Hope this helps! Good luck!


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        Nothing helps to protect me from any coffee whether it be decaf or regular. I have been pain and symptom free for some time now. I attribute it in part to completely giving up all coffee and all tea. The only hot drink I have is peppermint tea. I put Splenda in the peppermint tea and that helps me when I am looking for a hot drink. Giving up coffee was a struggle as I had to budget more time to get rest. I drink pear juice when I need that little energy boost. I find it even hard to find the pear juice. Knudson used to make the pear juice without the citric acid. Well wouldn't you know, they didn't change the front of the label but now add citric acid to the pear juice!!! Yuck. I stick with "After the Fall" and other brands that are pure pear juice. I hope this helps and good luck. It made a huge difference for me to give coffee was worth it........... :cool:


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          Coffee isn't good for me. I drank it diluted with milk a couple of day ago, but I had frequency/urgency all day long. I used to drink Kava from time to time, but I'm having trouble finding it...I'll check a different store. I agree about the acid...I think that has more to do with it than the caffeine. Peppermint tea sounds worth a try too! Thanks!


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            Prelief did not help me at all. I tried it before coffee and I was still sick all day with urgency and frequency. Sadly I have given up coffee. I tried using mostly milk and just a 1/4 cup of coffee but that didn't work. So no more coffee!!!!!!!! Marcy


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              I'm with you Marcy. I have to give it up. One of my sons bought me two mugs recently, and I wanted to try them out, but coffee really increases my symptoms, even with Prelief. I tried water and honey at one time...maybe I'll try that again. I wonder about hot chocolate...


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                I can have very weak coffee if I take two Prelief first and if I'm not flaring. I went without coffee for 6 weeks and it not only helped my bladder but I had no GERD symptoms either. If I wasn't a coffee addict I would abstain completely.


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                  I can have one cup of coffee with Prelief, but absolutely don't tolerate any kind of carbonated beverages.

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                    I drink low-acid coffee (no prelief) but just a note to you all...

                    I noticed this week that when I have my almond milk in my coffee, Im ok. When I dont, it ups my frequency..just a bit.

                    Try almond really helps combat the acid!!!

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                      I've never seen Almond Milk. Where do you find it?


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                        Dear Movnfwd55:

                        Prelief takes acid out of food; acid foods can cause heartburn, as well as bladder pain,urinary urgency and/or bowel distress.
                        As Customer Service Manager, I talk to people regularly who have gastro issues (GERD,reflux,IBS)who are using Prelief successfully, many of whom are IC patients.

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                          grouphug I had to give up coffee all together. I tried Kava, but it too caused me to go into an immediate flare after breakfast. As soon as I cut out the Kava, the morning flares stopped. I was a die hard coffee drinker in the morning, but I had to give it up. It was worth it for sure. One call to the hospital on one particular weekend when I was having some problems put me in contact with a urologist who said he found that caffine could make or break his IC patients.


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                            i can take two prelief's and drink a z-up with no problems. wink
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                              Saraly - GERD -

                              I haven't drank coffee for approx 8wks & feel better. I do take Prelief here & there & one Elmiron Q night w/o the cap!
                              I don't recall what the GERD is, so will you pls explain.
                              I will say that in the past if I'd drank coffee and ate too much or too fast at breakfast, I would start coughing like I was going to vomit. Eventually I would have a big big burp that seemed to come from my stomach and/or esophagus, & then I felt so much better. It had gotten to the point of sometimes I actually did throw up. Any1 know? Thanks. S
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